Friday, 7 July 2017

Writing a Narrative

There once was a little girl called Hannah,she lived on a small farm with her mum,dad and brother Harry. Hannah and Harry always played outside with the animals but as soon as Hannah saw a chicken or a rooster she would scream so loud that her parents could here her from inside. Hannah ran inside screaming so loud, her brother Harry brang a chicken inside and Hannah shouted “a chicken”.

Her parents said Hannah why are you scared of the chickens and Hannah said “there just so scary” “but they're not scary why don’t you come outside with us and pat one” said her parents ok said Hannah “but I’m holding onto dad”. When they went outside as soon as Hannah saw the chickens she ran for her live. So after that day they had to get rid of the chickens and Hannah never saw a chicken again.

Hannah was so spoiled that she asked for a puppy and guess what her parents said “yes Hannah you can have a dog”. Hannah was outside playing with her dog buddy and Hannah chucked the ball really far so buddy went to chase it. But Hannah was waiting for buddy to come back but he never came so Hannah ran to tell her parents and they searched all night for him.

The next day her parents said is there a puppy called buddy there and they checked his name and they said yes would you like to pick him up said the lady her parents said yes but they didn’t know that it was gonna cost money.
When they went to the animal control Hannah was so happy to see buddy but when they were about to leave the lady said you have to pay $100. Hannah's parents said why the lady said because we had to look after him and Hannah was feeling even sader.

So her parents said we got $50 so can we pay the rest of tommorow. The lady was thinking about it because you can’t give half the money and pay the rest off so the lady said ok but just this once. Hannah was so relieved thank you they all said so the next day they paid the rest of the money and they lived happily ever after.

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