Monday, 10 July 2017

Day 3 Winter Learning Journey

Hi everyone. It's Levonah again and this is Winter Learning Journey day 3. So let's get started.

On the site it said I have to write about a New Zealand native bird. I picked a Tuatara. Here are some facts about it.

Fact 1: All the species that were alive around 60 million years ago were extinct expect for tuatara.

Fact 2: The tuatara is a nocturnal animal and lives on 30 small islands off the cost of New Zealand.

Fact 3: The tuatara is carnivorous. Carnivorous means that in order for the tuatara to  survive it eats other animals like spiders, insects, beetles also birds eggs they eat many more but this is just some animals that they eat.

Fact 4: Did you know where the name tuatara comes from. Well tuatara came from Maori peaks on the back.

Fact 5: The tuatara has 3 eyes. The tuataras 3rd eye is at the top of it's head and it is called a parietal eye.

Activity 2
On the site it said we had to write 3 reasons why you don't want or want predators here in NZ. Here are my 3 reasons.

Reason 1. I don't want predators in NZ because they might scare all our native birds away.

Reason 2. Because they might damage trees and places.

Reason 3. They might eat our native birds and if they do then we won't have anymore to see and we might forget about them.

That was my blog post for today. I hope you enjoyed it. Bye.


  1. Hey Vonah!

    As I see you've done a lot of hard work! Anyways I loved your facts about the Tuatara! I never knew that they were carnivores too! I agree how you said that they can damage our tree's and places it would bee very sad to see our environment damaged by the predators!

    Hope you've had a great holiday! Keep up the awesome work!

    Your Bestie,


  2. Hi Levonah,

    Wow, this blog post was absolutely full of cool facts. I had no idea that the name 'tuatara' came from the Maori word for 'peaks on the back.' That makes sense as the tuatara is a very large reptile (lizard) that does not have big peaks on its back.

    I also find it really interesting to learn about how people, places and animals were originally named.

    When I was a little girl I asked my mom what my name (Rachel) means. She told me that it means 'gentle lamb' and that she chose it because it reminded her of a peaceful person. Do you know what your name means? I'd love to know...

    I hope that you enjoyed learning all of these great facts about a native New Zealand animal. I hope that the tuataras live for many more years and don't succumb to predators and die off. That would be so sad, wouldn't it?

    All the best,


    1. Hi Rachel it's Levonah thanks for the comment. My name means white like the moon,rising sun. That's what my name means.



    2. Hi Levonah,

      Thank you so much for writing back. I really love the meaning of your name. That is very special!

      ~Rachel :)