Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey day 4

Hi everyone. It's Levonah here and this is the Winter Learning Journey day 4 so let's begin.

On the site it said to describe what the locals did to help the whales at farewell spit.

The locals had to keep the whales wet so they kept pouring buckets of water on each of the whales, they also had to stay away from the whales tail. Also the locals had to keep the whales blow hole clear and cover them. This is not the first time this has happened at farewell spit.

In 2012 a pod of pilot whales were found and in 2014 another pod of 50 pilot whales were found. This year in January there were 656 whales found at farewell spit.

Activity 2.
On the site it said to write a summary about the whale rider movie.
The movie is about a girl named Paikea. Her twin brother died at birth but Paikea just made it and with her help of her grandma and uncle she wants to own her birthright.
I give the trailer a 4 out of 5.

That was all my writing for today. I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Hi Levonah ,
    Yes that is a very sad story to read 656 is a big number of Poor whales to die did u know that at nighttime most of them went back in the water so that is so good to hear anyways i really like your work it is so amazing to read

    What would u do if u were at the beach were 656 whales are died ??????
    Keep it up and keep going
    Can't wait to see more of WLJ Post's

    Your Friend

  2. Hi Levonah it's your friend Jahzara.
    I was just wondering how have you been getting these photo's??
    have you been using what we learnt in class??

    your friend

  3. Kia ora Levonah,

    It is so interesting to read the facts that you were able to provide us with in this blog post. The number of stranded whales is just shocking. The poor animals! I think that the locals did everything that they could to try and help the stranded animals but it was a very difficult job.

    I really like that you included a picture of the whales and the locals doing what they could to save them. As Jahzara mentioned, it would be wonderful if you could please add an attribution to the picture that tells us where you found it. It's really important that we give credit to the original author of the photo by including a link to the website where you found it. Can you please add a link to this (the website where you found the photo) in your post?

    Thanks so much, Levonah!!