Friday, 29 April 2016

Holiday blogpost 9

On the 28th of April I went to my Nana’s house because it was my Aunty and Uncle's Birthday. There names are Semiti and Filo. When I got there my baby cousins were there playing around with party hats and ball. Everybody just arrived at the same time. All the kids were dancing and having fun. Then we sang Happy Birthday to my aunty and uncle. There were two cakes the first cake was a chocolate cake and the 2nd cake was a banoffee pie cake. We ate the cakes with raspberry and chocolate Ice cream it was delicious. I had so much fun with my cousins.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Holiday blogpost 8

On wednesday the 27th of April I helped my mum clean our house. I folded the blankets and loaded the dishwasher for her then I went to go make my little sisters breakfast. When it was 12:00 we went to the barber shop in panmure to go give my sister Madi and my brother Mitchell a haircut. My sister got zigzags on the side of her hair and my brothers hair looks like charlie puth.


Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Holiday blogpost 7

On the 25th of April it was ANZAC day. I went to the onehunga ANZAC parade because my aunty Rochelle was in the parade with her kidets group. I woke up very early and I showered and got dressed into summer clothes. After that we left to go to onehunga and we saw my family. We all went into the cafe to have a cup of tea and a hot chocolate. When we were having our hot chocolate and cup of tea my cousins Leila, Samuel and Ashleigh came and Samuel was holding a hoverboard I got to have a turn I know how to ride one now. Then the parade started the kidets group marched down the road then the scouts group came marching after them. The meeting finished and we all took photos with my aunty and went back home.


Holiday blogpost 6

On the 24th of april I went to Rainbows End. While we were getting ready our mum told us that our cousins will be coming to Rainbows End with us. We were so excited. At 4:30 we left home to go to countdown and buy some snacks then we went to Rainbows End. We went to the Rainbows End night rides. When we got there it was packed. Finally we got in and while we were waiting for my cousins and my aunty I went on the Fear Fall. I was the only one to go on the Fear Fall because my brother was to scared to go on with me. The Fear Fall doesn’t give you butterflies it actually feels like you’re gonna fall off a cliff and know one's going to catch you. Then my cousins and my aunty came so we went on the log flume it was so fun and we went on more cool rides. After our hard work we did that was our reward because we learnt our times tables and did our chores. I loved Rainbows End I had so much fun.


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Holiday blogpost 5

Tonight for dinner I had my favourite dinner and it was chicken fettuccine. Me and my siblings helped to cook the dinner. I cut up the chicken and stirred it up then I added the onions and garlic.



Holiday blogpost 4

On the 20th of april to make kindness go viral I helped do

20160420_093045.jpg The breakfast and do  

20160420_125119.jpgthe dishes with my brother and my sister.

Holiday blogpost 3

On tuesday the 19th of april I helped my family by

20160419_193534.jpg Folding the clothes.   

20160419_192141.jpg And helping my sister write and read her story.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

My Holidays

In the Holidays I went to my cousin’s house. There names are Alpha and Naomi. When I got there I heard a lot of noise,it was my aunties having a party for my aunty Lani. All the kids were in the lounge relaxing,playing games and on the laptop. I got to taste the cake it was very rich.The cake was really creamy but I still liked it. I had so much fun.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

The blues game

On Saturday night my rippa rugby team went to the Auckland blues game at Eden park. When we got there very nice people gave us a flag each and a banner. A banner is paper and handles on the side, so when the blues get a try you can pull your banner out and on one side it will say try and on the other side it will say go the blues. The blues were playing the sharks and the blues won the score was 23/18.We were so happy I went for the blues. I loved  the game.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Fia fia

My costume was a traditional costume made by my aunty. I was wearing yellow material for the top of my costume and black material for the bottom bit of my costume. My mum put a mat around me and painted black circles on my cheeks to finish my costume off.

As I walked on stage I was frozen because everybody's eyes were on me. When I was on stage I was caught up in the moment because I enjoyed dancing in front of the audience. I love Fia Fia because you get to perform in  your own culture group.   

Tuesday, 5 April 2016


In the medium pool with all my strength I kicked straight ahead to the end. Swimming through the water I learnt how to breath on my side. I love swimming because I always get to do the dolphin kick.