Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Rubric reflection Term 2

I am happy with my score because I think I did better than last time. For our planning and research my whole team scored a 5 out of 5. I did well in my group task (Collaboration), my performance in the production and my key competencies.

For the Paideia seminar. I need to speak up more and add on to people’s ideas. This is where I scored my lowest mark. In the next seminar my goal is to speak up and add more information to what I say.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Capture the Flag Writing

This morning Miss West told us that we were going to play capture the flag. As soon as she said that we were so excited that we couldn’t wait. We walked down to the field and put the cones out.
We had to put the cones into a different space because it was to muddy everywhere. So that took up a lot of time then finally we started the game. Miss West blew her whistle and the game started.

While we were playing on the field , there were 8 of us on the field at a time. When Miss West blew her whistle Josh and AJ F ran to the safe area. They brought back 2 flags. In the safe areas there are 4 flags.

Myself and Loseti ran to the safe area but we were in there for ages because the other team was goose guarding us. Lucky Toby ran to distract them and we brought the other 2 flags back to our territory.Then game 2 started and the people who did not get a turn were playing. It was so muddy but we were lucky that we got to play. The others finished their game but Miss West said that was all the time we had.

We asked her to play 1 more game but she said no because we had to write about our experience.I had a really fun time playing capture the flag.

Code Words
Yellow highlighter = Simple sentence
Blue highlighter =Compound sentence

Green highlighter= Complex

Monday, 14 August 2017

Bike helmet Fitting

Today we had to try on our bike helmets to see what size we were because we were going to get a special lesson from a bike teacher. My size helmet was a medium.

Step 1, Check for cracks in your helmet by pushing the edges of the helmet.

Step 2. Put the helmet on to see if you can fit it. The way you know how you can fit your helmet is to put two finger on your forehead. If you can fit more than two fingers on your forehead than the helmet is too big.

Step 3. Look down at the floor to see if your helmet falls off. If your helmet falls off your head when you look down then the helmet is still to big.

Step 4. When you’ve got your helmet buckle it in. Now with a friend get them to check the side straps to make sure that it is a y.

Now you know how to fit your bike helmet properly.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Earths natural resources

Waking up and I’ve just realised there’s no natural resources anywhere. What is a natural resource? A natural resource could be water, sun, oxygen, soil and food. Why is a natural resource important. Well it is  important because it keeps us alive.

Plants are important because they produce healthy food. The food that they can produce are vegetables and fruit. Also plants help us to breath. Water is important to us because it keeps us hydrated. Water can be found in rocks, lakes, soil and rivers. We depend on freshwater because we can’t drink saltwater.  

The sun helps plants to grow their vegetables and fruit. The sun is important to us because we orbit around the sun. When where closer to the sun it gets warmer and when where further away from it we get colder. It takes 1 year for us to orbit around the sun.

All the natural resources I have been talking about was plants, water and the sun. If we didn’t have these resources we wouldn’t be able to have food. We also wouldn’t be hydrated and we would be starving.

Problem solving Week 3

                                      This was my maths task for this week. I worked with Inga and Trinity.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Reading Task

This was my reading task for this week. I did a video diary entry.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Paideia Seminar

Last Term we had our Paideia Seminar. We had to get into pairs and then talk about a perspective. Me, Amelia, Pisirina and Jahzara were in a group.

We chose the perspective of schools. This is what we had to think about. Schools - what will schools do? How will the day be different to what it is now? Or will it? What will be the advantages/disadvantages of not coming to school? Will we have to come to a building called school in the future? What would we miss out on or gain?

When we got in the tusitala it was all set up with our names in front of our desk. Then we started. My group started the polite argument off first.

Myself and Amelia said being at school is more easier than getting home schooled or learning online. If you are home schooled you won’t be able to communicate with other people face to face and you won’t be able to play with your friends. If you don’t go to school you will also miss out on the really cool things happening and playing sport.

Then after talking and arguing politely Mrs Lagitupu told us what we had to talk about. She said “ this is what you have to speak about stop telling us to switch off our devices we are a digital tribe now. As soon as she finished talking I said well I mean sometimes you can go on your devices but you also should go play outside with other people. Also people are stuck on new games and youtube because they get there new trends from the internet.

At the end of the seminar we had to say one thing that we’ve learnt. My one thing I had learnt was that I can speak more. The one thing I can work on is preparing for the Seminar.