Friday, 12 January 2018

Bonus Activity Day 4: Women at work

Bonus Activity Day 4: Women at work

Both men and women served in World War II. Many women
chose to enlist as nurses and be stationed overseas
caring for wounded soldiers. Rachel's nana was one of
those nurses. She (Dorothy) spent much of World War II
on a large Red Cross ship that was stationed off the
coast of Cairo, Egypt.   

For this activity, you are going to imagine that you are
just like Dorothy and that you are working as a nurse on
a large medical ship.

Complete the story provided. To earn full points you must
write, at least, 8-10 sentences. What happens next?

One day you are walking along the deck of the ship when you
hear a loud bang. You start to run as you see smoke coming from
the far end of the ship. You run towards the room where your
patients are waiting to receive treatment from the doctor. Just as
you arrive at the door to their room you hear another loud bang
and you… run. I ran as fast as I could to
the other side but there's a dead end. I try to find another exit.
I heard noises coming from behind a curtain so I ran
to it. I saw a window I’m saved I thought but how was I going
to open it. I saw a umbrella and used that to smash the window
down. There was only one thing wrong. I was 10 ft
from the water. I was scared but I conquered my fear and jumped.
It was freezing cold water but luckily I saw land ahead. I swam
as fast as I could to land. Finally I made it. I
found sticks and rocks to make me a fire. I saved myself.

That was my sentences. Thanks for

reading my day 4 bonus activity.


  1. Hey Levonah, awesome to see that you've been blogging lots during your summer break. Keep up the good work!

    I've enjoyed reading this story you have written about the nurse on board the medical ship. It's a pity innocent people like nurses suffered during the war, it's not as though they were trying to harm people, in fact, they were doing quite the opposite!

    Anyway, I really like your writing. It's quite exciting to read, it moves quickly from one thing to the next, and you're constantly hoping she will be OK. Did she swim to an island?

    Great job Levonah,

  2. Hi Billy thanks for the comment. Yes It is really sad that the nurses had to suffer during the war. By the way yes she swam to an island.


  3. Hey, oh wow. What happens in the next part of the story? Does she have to build a hut, hunt for food, live off the land?

    I can't wait to read more!