Thursday, 20 August 2015

2 digit Multiplication

I've been learning 2 digit numbers.

Nurse Heidi

Nurse Heidi is a Dental Therapist at Pt England school.

Nurse Heidi is a Dental Therapist because ever since she was the age of five she went to the Dental Clinic to see the Dental Therapist. Her dream came True. She studied at Otago University for 2 years.

Nurse Heidi's favourite part of her job is seeing kids. Her least favourite part is having to do the paperwork. She gets really tired when she has to do the paperwork.

Nurse Heidi brings a little instrument back to her house and cleans her dog's teeth, Heidi's dog's
name is Tiny she is a girl. So Nurse Heidi tells her dog Tiny  to lie down on her back and Heidi will scratch her stomach. For every tooth Heidi does she will give Tiny that amount of treats.

We are so lucky to have Nurse Heidi at Pt England school. Thank you for keeping our mouths healthy and clean.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

William Tell

We learnt the story of William Tell. He is a strong courageous man. He protects his family and is the champion archer.


These are all different pythons. They are different colours and sizes. We drew some pictures of pythons to match our video. There are all sorts of animals that my group could pick from but I picked pythons because there easier for me. Pythons are snakes.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Mrs Nua

Mrs Nua is a associate principal. She has a beautiful smile and loves kids.

Mrs Nua is a hardworking principal. She has lots of meetings in her office,the tusitala and Mr Burt's office. No job is to hard for her. She gets her work done at 10:00 at night.

 Mrs Nua is a kind wonderful intelligent person. You will never find another Mrs Nua. We are so lucky to have her. Mrs Nua is one of the kindest teacher on this planet. We love having her at pt England school.

Mrs Nua is the best teacher ever.