Saturday, 8 July 2017

Day 1 - Winter Learning Journey

Hi everyone. It's Levonah! It's the holidays now! I am doing the Winter Learning Journey. It's going to be fun. Let's begin.

Activity 1
On the site it said to find 3 fun interesting facts about New Zealand People. Here it is:

. Fact 1: Today there are 4.4 million people living in New Zealand and out of the 4.4 million people living here in New Zealand 69% of the people are European. 

. Fact 2:  Over 3 quarters of the population are living in the north island but one 3rd of that 3 quarters are here in Auckland.

.Fact 3: 14.6% of the people living in New Zealand are indigenous Maori.

Activity 2
I watched a clip and I had to find 5 favourite things to do in Auckland here It Is:

#1 My 1st favourite thing to do here in Auckland is go to rainbows end and go on all of their fun rides.

#2 I love going to the zoo and seeing all the animals especially the giraffes because they come right next to you.

#3 My 3rd favourite thing would be going to the museum and learning about different cultures.

#4 My 4th favourite thing to do is when its Guy Fawkes I love going to the top of Mt Eden and looking at the fire works everywhere. 

#5  My last favourite thing to do is go to the sky tower and see the whole city.

Thank you for reading my blog. See you next time!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Levonah!

    It is awesome to see that you have joined the Winter Learning Journey programme. Welcome :)

    I hope that you are enjoying the experience of journeying through New Zealand (NZ) and learning more about the people, places and things that you can see and do in NZ.

    Like you, I would also choose to go to the museum and learn about different cultures. I would also love to go to the top of Mt Eden to look out over the city, particularly if there was a special fireworks show to watch. I wonder if they will have a fireworks show in downtwon Auckland again soon. Perhaps they will have one for Guy Fawkes day in November...

    I am thrilled that you are part of our programme and will look forward to reading all of your posts as you publish them.

    Keep up the great work!

    Rachel :)