Friday, 14 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey day 7

Hi everyone it's Levonah and this is the Winter Learning Journey day 7. Let's begin.

Activity 1.
On the site it said to write 3 things you can do to stop pollution. Here are my 3 things.
1. You can recycle your rubbish.
2. You can at least pick up 5 pieces of rubbish everyday.
3. You can start growing flowers and it will increase your home and community.

Activity 2.

On the site it said to post a picture of yourself doing something you find relaxing.

Here is a picture of me watching movies on my I pad.

I hope you enjoyed my blog posts for the week and I can't wait for the next Winter or Summer Learning Journey.


  1. Hi Levonah,

    I can't wait for you to participate in our next Summer Learning Journey programme, either. It will be so much fun to have you blog with us!!

    Speaking of fun, it looks like you are having a great time watching the movie on your iPad. Which movie are you watching? Is it a comedy?

    I personally love biographies and movies that are based on a true events or real life stories. I find them so fascinating! What kind of movies do you like?

    Rachel :)

    1. Hi Rachel the movie I am watching is ballerina. The girl travels all the way to Paris to dance and she ends up getting the part of the nutcracker.


    2. Hi Levonah,

      Oh, that sounds like a really good movie. I have never seen a full version of the Nutcracker live but I have seen the movie. Have you ever seen The Nutcracker ballet?

      Thanks for writing back, by the way. I really appreciate it!