Friday, 4 November 2016


Station four
Take a picture of the items, estimate and then weigh the items.

700 grams
700 grams
600 grams
600 grams
400 grams
700 grams
  On Thursday we weighed things and found out how much does it weigh.

Bush walk

The sun is rising up. Mum and dad says “it’s a beautiful day what shall we do”.” I know” I said loudly “why don’t we go for a bush walk”. “Thats a great Idea” says mum. “Come on kids let’s go”.

Off we went to start a whole day of an adventure. We got to the bush walk “look a trail let's see where it leads to”. Mum was surprised the bush walk has changed since the last time she went. It was amazing.

My family went through the bushes and saw different kinds of birds. They went past the river and saw the ducks swimming and playing around. They quickly stopped to feed the birds bread because the was a box full of duck food and went back to the birds to take photos. Then to a whole new world.

There was beautiful flowers, birds chirping and dogs running around. We all went to play run around and enjoy the beautiful sunshine . The happiness put a smile on everyone's face.

After a long day we went back home. “What an adventure” we all said.  It was the best and most coolest adventure I’ve ever been to.

My Bread

                                            We made yummy bread for the butter that we made.


                                              This is how you make butter.

Dancing raisins

   This is my experiment number 2 it is called The dancing raisins.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016