Monday, 17 December 2018

Day 1: In The Beginning SLJ

Activity 1: The Legend of New Zealand

Fact #1:
New Zealand was one of the first nations to ever have Universal
Suffrage. Which means New Zealanders were one of the first countries
To not have the right to vote. This is really sad because I think every
Country and every person in the world should have every right to vote. Then in 1893 all male and female citizens were legally allowed to vote.

Fact #2:
Aotearoa was the first country to have there 3 top positions of decisions and power held at the same time by women. The three top positions were Prime Minister Helen Clark, Governor General Dame Silvia Cartwright and the Chief Justice Sian Elias.  This shows that all women and girls can be anything they want if they put their mind to it and work hard.

Fact #3:

Did you know that Gisborne is the first city in the entire world to see the sunrise. That is so amazing because there city is the only city in the world to see the sunrise first. The reason why they see the sunrise first is because they are 496.3 km away from the International date line. That is so amazing!

Activity 2: North and South I live in a beautiful part of the north Island and have an amazing
community in Glen Innes also known as GI. As you can already
probably guess yes I live in Glen Innes. We have lots of farm cattle
down at Pt England reserve and sports fields where we can play
and spend time with our families. We often get lots of opportunities
at school and always take them. I would say we are a spectacular
community and we are unlike others because we share community
events together, have lots of art on the walls that represent our
backrounds and cultures well, and we do lots of sporting events
and exchanges with other schools in our community.

Activity 3: Ice, Ice Baby

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I hope you enjoyed my SLJ day 1. Feel free to leave a positive comment on my blog.


  1. Hi Levonah,

    It's good that you have already started your holiday blogging. I have just received my chrome book so I am starting today. My favorite fact that you have chosen is fact 1! I had no idea that New Zealand was one of the first nations to ever have Universal Suffrage.

    Keep up the good work,

    1. Hi Jahzara,

      Thanks for the lovely comment. I really appreciate you giving me positive feedback. Thanks for Everything.

      Yours sincerely,


  3. Bula Vinaka Levonah ,

    Wow what a great start to the Summer Learning Journey program. You must be having fun already! Your cybersmart footprint is amazing! Way better then mine , yours have much more detail.

    Your doing great! Keep up this great work.

    Leilani :)

  4. Bula Vinaka Vonah ,

    What an amazing start to summer learning journey !!!

    Activity 1 - I like that you have took your time on your first activity and did 3 facts and they are so detailed to me and great to read for sure !!! Keep it up !!

    Activity 2 - I like the way you how you explained where your from in New Zealand your writing is stunning short and amazing I think people would definitely come visit Glen Innes with your Short good writing you have done and added a Glen Innes picture too !!!

    Activity 3 - Your Digital footprint is amazing with 1 pro tip from you to always remember D,T,R,T what a classic footprint you have created I love it !!!

    Overall - I enjoyed very Activity you have done and I wanna Congratulations for Completing this Tasks for Day 1 of week 1 I can't wait to see more blog post's from you keep blogging Vonah !!!

    Best Wishes !!!!