Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Sponge Throw

Walt: In this task we were asked to write a successful recount.

Have you ever got the chance to get your teacher soaking wet?

Well this morning I certainly didn’t expect to be throwing freezing cold sponges at my teacher.
This was so exciting and at the end Mr Goodwin’s face ( Mr G ) was red from the hard slaps of sponge.
If you want to find out what happened read on.

On a normal school morning Mr G told us we were going to be having a lot of fun. He explained our
instructions and told us that we were walking down to the field. As we were walking he was holding
flippers, scuba gear and big fat googles. It made me think would he be swimming somewhere, but then
where would he swim. After a long walk to the field it was already boiling hot but you won’t believe what
we saw. Mr Sommerville ( Mr S ) and Mr J were all geared up with smiles on there face, and it didn’t
look good for the teachers one bit.

Firstly we got told our instructions and what the game was called. The name of the game was target
your teacher. We had to throw freezing cold sponges at our teacher so they could get as soaked as
possible. Than the fun began. Mr S said “executioners ( us ) are you ready”. We said yes than hard
chilly sponges went flying in the air and smacking our teachers. Loseti dipped his sponge in the freezing
water, then he chucked it so hard it hit Mr G’s face and made it red the entire time, but that’s not it the
story get worse.

Paschal was so excited to target Mr G that when he threw the sponge it hit a part of Mr G, that you
don’t want to know about. The game paused for a couple minutes, and everyone was laughing and
cheering Paschal on, because it was just so hilarious. Finally the game continued and it was my turn.
I looked Mr G in the eye and said I’m going to get you so bad. So I dipped the sponge in the cold Ice
water, aimed at my target and fired with all my strength that I hit his stomach so hard he was sore the
rest of the time. I wasn’t finished yet I grabbed the wet sponge and rubbed it all over his face so that he
could have a nice freezing cold wash.

After all of that our exciting fun time had ended and it was prizegiving. Three students got chose to
get there bucket and tip it all over their teachers head. Our winners were Chance, Loseti and
Paschal of course. They were all amazed when they got chosen and one by one they each tipped
the Ice cold water over Mr G’s head. He was soaked compared to the other teachers.

I had such a fun time with my friends. I recommend your class should do this activity to because
you will build a lot of friendships like we did. That activity was so fun and I wished it had never end.

Task description:
In this task room 7 had to create a successful piece of writing. Our writing Included us throwing freezing
cold sponges at our teachers so it could hit them as hard as possible. This was really fun when we
did it.

Here's a video from the day.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Silver decimal problem

Walt:use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problem

Task description:
In this task room 7 had to solve this tricky silver decimal problem. We did this same task last week but Mr Goodwin made it different so it would be harder for us. This was way harder than last week but I still finished it in one day.

Decimal Bronze medal

Walt: use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problem

Task description:
In this task room 7 had to complete a decimal chart. This was written in words so some people had trouble with solving it. This was a bronze medal task so it was the easiest task for us.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Walt: use correct sentences to help structure our writing.

Have you ever gone on an adventure blindfolded?

When I got to school this morning I didn’t expect to be blindfolded. Room 7 had to be blindfolded the entire time. Read on if you want to find out the exciting things that happened.
On an ordinary school morning Mr Goodwin ( Mr G ) told us what we were going to do. All he said was “we are going to be walking to the playground for an experiment”. As soon as he said that we were so excited. Finally a long walk to the park i felt the nice cool breeze flowing past me but it was boiling hot. Then Mr G said “get into pairs of 2 and make sure you can trust them”. I went to Inga straight away and we were so excited to be together because we knew we could trust each other.

Then it was time Mr G told us what we were doing. He said “ One of your buddies will be getting blindfolded first, and the other will be taking them on an obstacle course, through the park”. I was so nervous and so scared because I was going first but I knew my buddie wouldn’t let me fall or get hurt. Off we went and all I could do was listen to Inga’s voice and follow her. She took me up the ladder, on the rope bridge which was the most scariest because I nearly fell and on the monkey bars which was the easiest and most fun thing. When I was on the rope bridge I didn’t feel like I was on it, I felt like I was flying so high in the sky or even in the movie titanic on the boat.

Now it was time to guide Inga around the whole entire park. I thought I would take her on the scary obstacles and see what she would do. The first obstacle I took her on was the flying fox. She was so excited until she hit her leg on the big giant pole but that didn’t stop her from doing the other obstacles. We then went up the big ladder, walked on the rope bridge but she sat down on it and nearly fell off instead of walking. That scared me a lot because if she fell of I would be responsible for it. We went on her last obstacle which was the twirly monkey bars and I was laughing so hard because she looked liked a real monkey on the monkey bars.

I couldn’t imagine doing this experiment without Inga. I had a lot more fun being blindfolded than guiding my buddie. I highly recommend doing this with your friend because it is super fun to build friendships with other and have fun with your friends.

Task description:
In this task room 7 wrote about an experience that we had with our friends. The reason why we wrote about this experience was because this was a practice test for us to structure our writing.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Tricky decimal Gold medal problem

Walt: use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems.

Task description:
In this task room 7 had to complete a tricky decimal problem presentation. We had to use add don't subtract for a lot of our tricky decimal problems to solve them. This was a bit hard for most of us but we all worked together to complete it.

Decimal Silver medal

Walt: use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems.

Task description:
In this task room 7 had to complete a decimal problem presentation. This was a silver medal problem, so it was a bit hard. Some of us struggled with this presentation so we all helped each other to get it done.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

(Term 4) My Goals and expectations

Walt: use correct sentences to help structure our writing.
The school holidays are over and I’m really sad, but on the bright side I get to come to school and see my friends. I also get to share my work with everybody. The amazing theme for this term is Te Wa Toi and it’s all about what different kinds of art there are. I am really bad at art so I’m a bit excited to improve my art.

This term is so exciting because we are learning about what types of art we can use. Some other exciting things happening are The Manaiakalani Film Festival and Athletics. I am really excited because I can’t wait to see all the cool movies, and run my hard out at Athletics. Another exciting event happening this term is year 6 camp. I can’t wait to have a fun time with my friends.

One of my goals this term will be becoming a year 6 camp leader. If I want to become a camp Leader I have to step up and take leadership in everything I do. Another one of my goals is becoming sports women of the year. I want to become sports women of the year because I look up at my role models who are achieving so much in sports. My role models are my uncle and aunty who both represent the wallabies in rugby and the black ferns.

What I want to learn this term is about why art cost so much money and what’s the story behind that. The reason why I want to learn about that is because the Mona Lisa costs $ 810 million dollars and it’s not even worth that much. Another big thing I want to learn about is calligraphy writing. I want to learn how to hand write like that because I’m a bad hand writer and I want to improve on my hand writing skills.

Te Wa Toi will be a great term because I am excited for the exciting upcoming events. There’s a lot on this term with events like the Manaiakalani film festival, Year 6 camp and prize giving, so I can’t wait for that and to accomplish my goals I have set for myself. Overall this could be the best term I’ve ever had because of all the exciting events, and I can’t wait to blog about all these cool things.

Task description:
In this task room 7 had to write about the new term and what our amazing goals were going to be. We all had a big lesson on how to write a proper conclusion with Mr Goodwin. I thought this task was really fun, because we got to learn how to write a proper conclusion, and I also got to share my Goals and expectations to everyone. I enjoyed this task a lot and I hope we get to do this task again.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Term 3 Research

Task description:
In this task I had to do research about how parents feel about there children's health. I was in a group with Eva and Zaeeda we were the parents. We had to each create our own DLO about our presentation or we had to make a scratch game. Enjoy.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Bronze Medal Decimal place value

Walt: use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems.

Task description: In this task room 7 had to use a decimal chart and turn written decimals into number decimals. This task was easy for me but not for others so I helped them to get it right. This task was all about solving decimals.