Sunday, 9 July 2017

Holiday writing

Today I was not at my house because I was with my nana, aunty Rochelle and my brother Mitchell. Last night I was watching the All blacks vs Lions game. The score was 15 all but before that I was at the Matariki light trail.

It was so cool I saw Brooklyn, Tehilla, Mamare and Heather there. I waited until 9:00pm to see the fireworks. Everybody counted down from 10 and then we saw all the fireworks.

The fireworks were so loud and bright so they played we know the way and wairua. It was so fun. After the fireworks I went back to my house and it was 10:30pm.

My nana decided to come over and she asked me if I wanted to go to her house so I did. My aunties and uncles were all working at the game. Me, my nana and my brother went to go pick up my aunty Rochelle from the game and by the time we got to my nana's house it was already midnight.

When I woke up it was 6:30am and we were getting ready to go to the doctors. We left my nana’s house at 8:00am and by the time we got to the doctors a lot of people were waiting because there was only one doctor.
So we had to come back later.

We were starving so we went to eat at Hollywood cafe for breakfast. After all that food we went to church, church took 2 hours and when we left it was 1:30pm. My nana dropped me off home but my brother is still with her.


  1. Hi Levonah,
    It's your brother. I was just reading your blogpost from my room. I like how you explained what you did yesterday and today. We did watch the game and we also did go to the Matariki Light Trail. It was fun last night. Also today before church we were starving and we did go to Hollywood Bakery in Botany. It was fun. I will talk to you later!
    From Mitchell

    1. Hi Mitchell and Levonah,

      It's so nice to see that you are both participating in the programme and supporting one another by posting comments. You are setting such a great example for all of the other students in the programme.

      Way to go guys! Keep it up!

      Rachel :)

  2. I know that sucks for some people but we still managed to clean the whole house. I vacuumed the rooms fold the blankets and other things. CFA study material