Saturday, 8 July 2017


Today was a great start to the holidays, even though it was a really wet morning but it started to get sunny. Today Me and my family went to henderson for my mums appointment. Except for my brother Mitchell because he is at my nana's house.

We arrived at my mums appointment and I didn’t know what it was for but her appointment took one hour. After that one hour we were driving in the car and my younger sister Leonora said “mum can we go to burger king” and my mum said “ oh but why” she said” because I want to get the churros deluxe” so guess what my mum said “ ok we can go and get your churros. Myself and my sister madi said “oh mum why does she get churros she's always spoiled ” my mum said “ we are all getting some”.

We just ordered the food at burger king so while we were waiting me and my sisters were playing hand games. Finally our food arrived because we were starving so my dad and mum had their burgers and we had our churros. It was so yummy.After that we came home and just watched movies.

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