Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Being a rain drop

 Imagine that you’re a raindrop falling down from the sky. You have just landed on the ground and now waiting for the sun to rise. The sun has just risen and now you’re about to evaporate.You’re evaporating back to the clouds. That’s what it’s like being a rain drop.  

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Paideia Seminar Reflection Term 3

On tuesday we had our first seminar of this term. Is being civilised such a good thing?

We had to talk about what civilised means to you. Being civilised means being well mannerd and kind. It also can mean things changing over time like schools, technology and houses. I think being civilised is a good thing but at the same time it’s not. I don't think it's a good thing because people keep making new things and are not looking after traditions

I think I did better at this seminar than the last seminar because I piggy banked on other people’s ideas. My goal was to talk more and I did. I talked more than the last seminar. The thing I need to work on is when I have talked enough I need to stop.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Friday, 15 September 2017

Friday, 8 September 2017

Problem Solving Week 7

i worked with Trinity to do this problem solving.

N rich task

This was my N rich task.

Animation Writing

In the beginning of the future there once lived a family of astronauts.Their place wasn’t cared for and rubbish was getting dumped everywhere. It was polluted. They all quickly ran to their flying car and rapidly flew away.
They finally got up into space. It took them two long hours. When they were in space they started floating in the air.

The family arrived on planet Mars. They felt really weird because it was cold and it was sandy so they didn’t want to feel like they were living on a beach. They decided they would find another planet to live on. The family ended up going to the Moon and they felt much better. They were so comfortable that they fell asleep.

When they woke up they were very hungry. They got their supplies out of there car. When they were drinking water it looked weird for them because the water was floating everywhere.

The moon was a good place for them to stay that they called back to earth and told everyone that they can come live on the moon. As soon as the people heard that they rushed to the moon in there cars and everyone lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Rubric reflection Term 2

I am happy with my score because I think I did better than last time. For our planning and research my whole team scored a 5 out of 5. I did well in my group task (Collaboration), my performance in the production and my key competencies.

For the Paideia seminar. I need to speak up more and add on to people’s ideas. This is where I scored my lowest mark. In the next seminar my goal is to speak up and add more information to what I say.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Capture the Flag Writing

This morning Miss West told us that we were going to play capture the flag. As soon as she said that we were so excited that we couldn’t wait. We walked down to the field and put the cones out.
We had to put the cones into a different space because it was to muddy everywhere. So that took up a lot of time then finally we started the game. Miss West blew her whistle and the game started.

While we were playing on the field , there were 8 of us on the field at a time. When Miss West blew her whistle Josh and AJ F ran to the safe area. They brought back 2 flags. In the safe areas there are 4 flags.

Myself and Loseti ran to the safe area but we were in there for ages because the other team was goose guarding us. Lucky Toby ran to distract them and we brought the other 2 flags back to our territory.Then game 2 started and the people who did not get a turn were playing. It was so muddy but we were lucky that we got to play. The others finished their game but Miss West said that was all the time we had.

We asked her to play 1 more game but she said no because we had to write about our experience.I had a really fun time playing capture the flag.

Code Words
Yellow highlighter = Simple sentence
Blue highlighter =Compound sentence

Green highlighter= Complex

Monday, 14 August 2017

Bike helmet Fitting

Today we had to try on our bike helmets to see what size we were because we were going to get a special lesson from a bike teacher. My size helmet was a medium.

Step 1, Check for cracks in your helmet by pushing the edges of the helmet.

Step 2. Put the helmet on to see if you can fit it. The way you know how you can fit your helmet is to put two finger on your forehead. If you can fit more than two fingers on your forehead than the helmet is too big.

Step 3. Look down at the floor to see if your helmet falls off. If your helmet falls off your head when you look down then the helmet is still to big.

Step 4. When you’ve got your helmet buckle it in. Now with a friend get them to check the side straps to make sure that it is a y.

Now you know how to fit your bike helmet properly.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Earths natural resources

Waking up and I’ve just realised there’s no natural resources anywhere. What is a natural resource? A natural resource could be water, sun, oxygen, soil and food. Why is a natural resource important. Well it is  important because it keeps us alive.

Plants are important because they produce healthy food. The food that they can produce are vegetables and fruit. Also plants help us to breath. Water is important to us because it keeps us hydrated. Water can be found in rocks, lakes, soil and rivers. We depend on freshwater because we can’t drink saltwater.  

The sun helps plants to grow their vegetables and fruit. The sun is important to us because we orbit around the sun. When where closer to the sun it gets warmer and when where further away from it we get colder. It takes 1 year for us to orbit around the sun.

All the natural resources I have been talking about was plants, water and the sun. If we didn’t have these resources we wouldn’t be able to have food. We also wouldn’t be hydrated and we would be starving.

Problem solving Week 3

                                      This was my maths task for this week. I worked with Inga and Trinity.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Reading Task

This was my reading task for this week. I did a video diary entry.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Paideia Seminar

Last Term we had our Paideia Seminar. We had to get into pairs and then talk about a perspective. Me, Amelia, Pisirina and Jahzara were in a group.

We chose the perspective of schools. This is what we had to think about. Schools - what will schools do? How will the day be different to what it is now? Or will it? What will be the advantages/disadvantages of not coming to school? Will we have to come to a building called school in the future? What would we miss out on or gain?

When we got in the tusitala it was all set up with our names in front of our desk. Then we started. My group started the polite argument off first.

Myself and Amelia said being at school is more easier than getting home schooled or learning online. If you are home schooled you won’t be able to communicate with other people face to face and you won’t be able to play with your friends. If you don’t go to school you will also miss out on the really cool things happening and playing sport.

Then after talking and arguing politely Mrs Lagitupu told us what we had to talk about. She said “ this is what you have to speak about stop telling us to switch off our devices we are a digital tribe now. As soon as she finished talking I said well I mean sometimes you can go on your devices but you also should go play outside with other people. Also people are stuck on new games and youtube because they get there new trends from the internet.

At the end of the seminar we had to say one thing that we’ve learnt. My one thing I had learnt was that I can speak more. The one thing I can work on is preparing for the Seminar.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Rainbows end

On the 15th of July me, my family and my friends went to rainbows end to celebrate my birthday. It wasn't my real birthday it was just my party. Any ways my friends that were with me were Pisirina, Jahzara and Marika.

When we got to rainbows end we were the first ones there so we quickly ran to the gates. My siblings came with my dad, and myself and my friends went with my mum. We were waiting at the gates and we saw Rai and Bow. Rai and Bow are the two Rainbows end people.

Finally we got inside Rainbows end and we ran to the Log flume. The Log flume is a water ride where you go in small logs. The logs take you to a magical land and at the end you go down this big waterfall.

After that ride we went on the Gold rush. The Gold rush is where you go in mini miner carts under ground. You will see fake people holding gold and digging for gold. When you come up from the under ground you see all the people who are on the Log flume.

We went on many more rides like the Pirate ship, Invader, Corkscrew coaster, Motion master, Fear fall, AA drivers town and Bumper boats. It was 4:50 and the rides were closing down because the theme park closes at 5:00 pm and opens at 10:00 we got there at 9:30. Myself, Jahzara and Marika went on the last ride that was opened the Invader.

We got off the Invader and ran to my parents. We dropped everybody home and I got home at 8:40 pm.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Bonus activity

Hi everyone it's Levonah here and this is my bonus activity for day 6. Let's begin.

On the site it said to watch 3 videos of the haka and rate them 1 to 3.

1. Rugby World Cup 2011- All Blacks vs France
2. World Cup 2015 – All Blacks vs Argentina
3.  All Blacks vs South Africa 2016

That was what I thought. That was my bonus activity. I hope you enjoyed.

Winter Learning Journey day 7

Hi everyone it's Levonah and this is the Winter Learning Journey day 7. Let's begin.

Activity 1.
On the site it said to write 3 things you can do to stop pollution. Here are my 3 things.
1. You can recycle your rubbish.
2. You can at least pick up 5 pieces of rubbish everyday.
3. You can start growing flowers and it will increase your home and community.

Activity 2.

On the site it said to post a picture of yourself doing something you find relaxing.

Here is a picture of me watching movies on my I pad.

I hope you enjoyed my blog posts for the week and I can't wait for the next Winter or Summer Learning Journey.

Winter Learning Journey Day 6

Hi everyone it's Levonah here and this is the Winter Learning Journey day 6. Let's begin.

Activity 1. On the site it said to imagine that you were one of the 1st people to arrive at shag point and you've never been to New Zealand. I have to write a poem describing how I felt arriving at shag point.

My boat arrives and sticks to the sand, I stand up and I'm on the land.
I walk up with the others and see if I can give a hand, but I'm to scared so I run feared. I don't know where the others have gone but I see my brother with another.

Activity 2.

On the site it said to choose 3 things to do at Te papa museum for matariki. I have chosen star weave jam where you can learn how to make stars used from different materials. Number 2. Mata and the mysterious musical maunga and nga kai o matariki where you make traditional Maori cusine.

That was both of my activities. I hope you enjoyed it.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey day 5

Hi everyone It's Levonah and this is Winter Learning Journey day 5. Let's begin.

On the site it said to write about getting lost in the middle of a strange forest.

Activity 1.

I don't know where my group and curious kiwi has gone, I'm so scared and don't know what to do. Maybe I should shout out help. Maybe I should walk a little bit further so I can find my group.

 What should I do. Ok maybe I should just walk a little bit further. I've been walking for ages I'm never going to be found.

Oh there's a sign let me check what it says. It says this way back where you started the trail. Ok now I know where I'm going. There's the start where I started walking from but I don't see my group and curious kiwi.

Activity 2.

We have to write about a famous New Zealander.

The famous New Zealander I have picked is Stan Walker. Stan Walker was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. What is Stan Walker famous for well Stan Walker is famous for his singing and acting but mostly his singing.

Fact 1. Stan Walker is an Australian-New Zealand recording artist, actor and television personality.
Fact 2. Stan Walkers single black box was the highest selling single in New Zealand.

That was all for today. I hope you Enjoyed it.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Bonus activity day 4

Hi everyone it's Levonah and this is my bonus activity for day 4. Let's begin.

On the site it said to write about if you think fishing should be banned from farewell spit.

I think fishing should be banned from farewell spit because when the hectors dolphins get stuck they won't know what to do. The hectors dolphins will also be scared and try to call for help from the other dolphins but there to small so the fisherman will just keep catching them.

That was my writing about if fisherman should fish at farewell spit.

I hope you enjoyed it. 

Winter Learning Journey day 4

Hi everyone. It's Levonah here and this is the Winter Learning Journey day 4 so let's begin.

On the site it said to describe what the locals did to help the whales at farewell spit.

The locals had to keep the whales wet so they kept pouring buckets of water on each of the whales, they also had to stay away from the whales tail. Also the locals had to keep the whales blow hole clear and cover them. This is not the first time this has happened at farewell spit.

In 2012 a pod of pilot whales were found and in 2014 another pod of 50 pilot whales were found. This year in January there were 656 whales found at farewell spit.

Activity 2.
On the site it said to write a summary about the whale rider movie.
The movie is about a girl named Paikea. Her twin brother died at birth but Paikea just made it and with her help of her grandma and uncle she wants to own her birthright.
I give the trailer a 4 out of 5.

That was all my writing for today. I hope you enjoyed it.

Bonus activity 2

Hi everyone this is my bonus activity for day 2. Let's begin.

I had to interview someone from my family and ask them what is there top 5 favourite things to do outdoors. I chose my dad. Here are his 5 favourite things to do outdoors.

#1. Watch me and my sister play sports.
#2. He loves going fishing.
#3. Going places for a weekend.
#4. Travelling
#5. Building
That was the 5 favourite things my dad loves doing outdoors.
I hope you enjoy.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Bonus activity Day 1

Hi everyone this is my first bonus activity. Let's start.

On the site it said to create a flag and describe it.
This is my flag. The black and blue at the back represents the old New Zealand flag. The star represents the stars that were on the old New Zealand flag.

This was my bonus activity.I hope you liked it.

Day 3 Winter Learning Journey

Hi everyone. It's Levonah again and this is Winter Learning Journey day 3. So let's get started.

On the site it said I have to write about a New Zealand native bird. I picked a Tuatara. Here are some facts about it.

Fact 1: All the species that were alive around 60 million years ago were extinct expect for tuatara.

Fact 2: The tuatara is a nocturnal animal and lives on 30 small islands off the cost of New Zealand.

Fact 3: The tuatara is carnivorous. Carnivorous means that in order for the tuatara to  survive it eats other animals like spiders, insects, beetles also birds eggs they eat many more but this is just some animals that they eat.

Fact 4: Did you know where the name tuatara comes from. Well tuatara came from Maori peaks on the back.

Fact 5: The tuatara has 3 eyes. The tuataras 3rd eye is at the top of it's head and it is called a parietal eye.

Activity 2
On the site it said we had to write 3 reasons why you don't want or want predators here in NZ. Here are my 3 reasons.

Reason 1. I don't want predators in NZ because they might scare all our native birds away.

Reason 2. Because they might damage trees and places.

Reason 3. They might eat our native birds and if they do then we won't have anymore to see and we might forget about them.

That was my blog post for today. I hope you enjoyed it. Bye.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Holiday writing

Today I was not at my house because I was with my nana, aunty Rochelle and my brother Mitchell. Last night I was watching the All blacks vs Lions game. The score was 15 all but before that I was at the Matariki light trail.

It was so cool I saw Brooklyn, Tehilla, Mamare and Heather there. I waited until 9:00pm to see the fireworks. Everybody counted down from 10 and then we saw all the fireworks.

The fireworks were so loud and bright so they played we know the way and wairua. It was so fun. After the fireworks I went back to my house and it was 10:30pm.

My nana decided to come over and she asked me if I wanted to go to her house so I did. My aunties and uncles were all working at the game. Me, my nana and my brother went to go pick up my aunty Rochelle from the game and by the time we got to my nana's house it was already midnight.

When I woke up it was 6:30am and we were getting ready to go to the doctors. We left my nana’s house at 8:00am and by the time we got to the doctors a lot of people were waiting because there was only one doctor.
So we had to come back later.

We were starving so we went to eat at Hollywood cafe for breakfast. After all that food we went to church, church took 2 hours and when we left it was 1:30pm. My nana dropped me off home but my brother is still with her.

Day 2-Winter learning journey

Hi everyone. It's Levonah again and this is day 2 of the Winter learning journey. Lets begin.

Activity 1:
I loved Rangitoto Island. It was a beautiful place but It was a long hike to the top of the Island. As I was hiking I saw different kinds of birds everywhere.  

It took me around 2 hours to walk to the top of Rangitoto Island. When I got to the top I saw a majestic view. The whole island was so beautiful.

Activity 2:
Questions for Laura Dekker:

#1 What age did you first start sailing at ?
#2 When you were sailing did your boat ever fall down ?
#3 Did you have any trouble on the boat ?
#4 When you had no food how did you survive ?
#5 How many days did it take you to sail around the world ?

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Day 1 - Winter Learning Journey

Hi everyone. It's Levonah! It's the holidays now! I am doing the Winter Learning Journey. It's going to be fun. Let's begin.

Activity 1
On the site it said to find 3 fun interesting facts about New Zealand People. Here it is:

. Fact 1: Today there are 4.4 million people living in New Zealand and out of the 4.4 million people living here in New Zealand 69% of the people are European. 

. Fact 2:  Over 3 quarters of the population are living in the north island but one 3rd of that 3 quarters are here in Auckland.

.Fact 3: 14.6% of the people living in New Zealand are indigenous Maori.

Activity 2
I watched a clip and I had to find 5 favourite things to do in Auckland here It Is:

#1 My 1st favourite thing to do here in Auckland is go to rainbows end and go on all of their fun rides.

#2 I love going to the zoo and seeing all the animals especially the giraffes because they come right next to you.

#3 My 3rd favourite thing would be going to the museum and learning about different cultures.

#4 My 4th favourite thing to do is when its Guy Fawkes I love going to the top of Mt Eden and looking at the fire works everywhere. 

#5  My last favourite thing to do is go to the sky tower and see the whole city.

Thank you for reading my blog. See you next time!


Today was a great start to the holidays, even though it was a really wet morning but it started to get sunny. Today Me and my family went to henderson for my mums appointment. Except for my brother Mitchell because he is at my nana's house.

We arrived at my mums appointment and I didn’t know what it was for but her appointment took one hour. After that one hour we were driving in the car and my younger sister Leonora said “mum can we go to burger king” and my mum said “ oh but why” she said” because I want to get the churros deluxe” so guess what my mum said “ ok we can go and get your churros. Myself and my sister madi said “oh mum why does she get churros she's always spoiled ” my mum said “ we are all getting some”.

We just ordered the food at burger king so while we were waiting me and my sisters were playing hand games. Finally our food arrived because we were starving so my dad and mum had their burgers and we had our churros. It was so yummy.After that we came home and just watched movies.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Writing a Narrative

There once was a little girl called Hannah,she lived on a small farm with her mum,dad and brother Harry. Hannah and Harry always played outside with the animals but as soon as Hannah saw a chicken or a rooster she would scream so loud that her parents could here her from inside. Hannah ran inside screaming so loud, her brother Harry brang a chicken inside and Hannah shouted “a chicken”.

Her parents said Hannah why are you scared of the chickens and Hannah said “there just so scary” “but they're not scary why don’t you come outside with us and pat one” said her parents ok said Hannah “but I’m holding onto dad”. When they went outside as soon as Hannah saw the chickens she ran for her live. So after that day they had to get rid of the chickens and Hannah never saw a chicken again.

Hannah was so spoiled that she asked for a puppy and guess what her parents said “yes Hannah you can have a dog”. Hannah was outside playing with her dog buddy and Hannah chucked the ball really far so buddy went to chase it. But Hannah was waiting for buddy to come back but he never came so Hannah ran to tell her parents and they searched all night for him.

The next day her parents said is there a puppy called buddy there and they checked his name and they said yes would you like to pick him up said the lady her parents said yes but they didn’t know that it was gonna cost money.
When they went to the animal control Hannah was so happy to see buddy but when they were about to leave the lady said you have to pay $100. Hannah's parents said why the lady said because we had to look after him and Hannah was feeling even sader.

So her parents said we got $50 so can we pay the rest of tommorow. The lady was thinking about it because you can’t give half the money and pay the rest off so the lady said ok but just this once. Hannah was so relieved thank you they all said so the next day they paid the rest of the money and they lived happily ever after.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Friday, 30 June 2017


This is my animation about how technology has changed over time.
Hope you enjoy!!!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Production Reflection

If you could do the production again, what would you change or add and why?
Well if I could do the production again I would want everyone to have their own part in the play and let everyone add something to the script. Overall I loved that everyone was happy and had a good time. The hard part for me was at the end because I was one of the presenters. I had to memorize my part because Eden left so Mrs Sinclair had to make a last minute change and asked me If I wanted to do Edens part and I said yes. The reason why it was hard was because I had a script to bring on stage but I lost it while I was getting changed so I had to go on stage and memorize it but lucky before I said anything Bethan ran on stage to give the script to me. Next time I could project my voice so the people at the back could here me. I was feeling scared but at the same time I was excited. The bit I loved the most in the production was the Tongan scene because everyone was smiling and so happy.

Week 9 problem solving

This is my week 9 problem solving.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Animation Voice over

The topic I have chosen is sailing. Back in the day when maori were alive they did not have big giant boats and cruises like we have now they had waka.
Waka is a boat carved from either tree or wood.

Maori people would call the small boat waka but pakea would call it canoe.
Well boats and cruises are so giant that they can hold millions of people. If you wanted to go on one of the boats it would be super expensive.

The materials the boats would need would be heavy metal, carbon fibre and many more heavy materials.
Well back in the day they had to use their hands to make things but now in our days we use factories. Back in the day they would take around one month to make their own waka but if we make one it would be ready in one day.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Monday, 29 May 2017

What has happened to Miss West

Well I know what has happened to Miss West. Well she is sick of coming to school and teaching that she took a day off and called in sick. Well she actually is out shopping with a few of her friends who are teachers from other schools that called in sick but they’re (not).

I can imagine what they’re doing right now. Going to get a coffee, eating somewhere nice, shopping at the mall, going on the Disney Cruise, spending all her money$$$, flying to America on her private jet, driving her new lamborghini and drinking Unicorn Frappuccino at starbucks with her friends. Then off to Disneyland with Mickey and Minnie mouse, coming back from her cousin's wedding (well she really is) at all the amusement parks she can imagine. Meeting celebrities, scabbing money$$$ off her mum, because she doesn't have any. She is probably having the best day of her life. I mean I would want to do that but not the bit where she is scabbing money$$$ off her mum because obviously my mum wouldn’t give me money. She’s a Islander who wants to save money.

She would also go to the gym and try to get bigger muscles than Mr Moran. She is trying to get a 6 pack of abs. She wants to be stronger than every man in the world so she can be like Hulk smash. When she comes back tomorrow she will look like a giant with to many muscles. Than we will never want her as a teacher again.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Land boats

We are designing a land boat for the purpose of racing other students and to help us learn more about boats,  technology and ships. To make this land boat you will need smooth wood so the boat won’t be bumpy when you stand on it. You will also need man made material so that the boat is really strong and thick wheels so it will grip to the concrete and it is strong enough to hold the wood.

A physical attribute explains what you will be using for whatever you’re making and a functional attribute describes how one of the things in your land boat works.

The other things you will need are nails to hammer things on, a helmet for safety and last but not least a steering wheel so that we don’t crash into the other land boats and buildings.

We are probably going to be racing on concrete. If the concrete is a little bit wet and we are using cardboard we would have to figure something out to cover the cardboard with. If we are using foam wheels the wheels would break because they will get soggy and wet.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Catching coin challenge

When I heard about the task I was feeling excited but at the same time I was scared.
Wow! that was amazing. The catching coin challenge was so much fun. These were the rules.

You had to put one hand on our shoulder and put the coin on your elbow. Then you put your elbow in the air and that will make the coin go up. Once the coin is in the air you have time to get ready to catch it but you have to catch the coin with the same hand.

Miss West gave us a coin each and said “you can start now”. As soon as she said that our coins were in the air.  We started and Josh was already up to four because he was so good.

I started and I caught the coin on my first go. Everyone was laughing so much and their coins went everywhere. Some people just wanted to get a lot so they cheated.

Miss West said “ one minute everyone and we were trying to get as much as we could. I was up to eight like  my friend Jahzara. We just kept catching our coins the Miss West said “ your time is up”.

Josh and AJ F caught eleven coins. I also caught eleven coins. Jahzara caught ten and Pisirina caught eight coins. Damien caught 28 coins because he was cheating.
I really wish we can do this same challenge. It was really fun and everybody had a really good time.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Problem Solving week 3

Walt: make connections between fractions and decimals.
Walt: find fractions of a set using multiplication and division

Friday, 12 May 2017

What is that writing

This week, we looked at a picture of a new technology and we had to guess what the problem was that the product was solving. This product looks like a shoe to me. I think the product is made out of aluminum so it’s light for us to hold, Titanium so that the shoes won’t break and it can hold anyone and magnesium so that the shoes are really strong.

Well I think that the product is a shoe. You can press the button in the front and it will record you or take a photo. I also think you can time travel you just say where you want to go and it will take you there. You could also fly. You put your shoes on and you say I want to fly and you will fly. It will also tell you how fast you're going and how slow you’re going. The shoe will also have apps. You just press the button at the back and it will say which app you're on. You just keep pressing the button until it goes to the app you want. If the shoe is flat on power you will have to charge it or else it will lose it’s power. So if you want to charge it you get your charger and plug it in the hole and it will charge. When you see a green light your shoe is charged but if you see a red light it is on low battery.

Wow! Now I know what the product is. Press the link to go to the video Link. It is smart shoes. Did you know it’s the world's first smart shoes? It’s controlled through your smartphone or your smartwatch. The smart shoe laces it self. The smart shoe   actually doesn't come in your size it comes in any size and if your feet is too small it shrinks into your size. The shoe lets you choose the temperature of your shoe and it goes up to 113 degrees. The smart shoe also tracks how many steps you do. It also has a charger which looks like a pair of headphones. The shoes now how tall you are what age you are and how much you weigh. I think the problem is solved by it is smart shoes and it can do what other shoes can’t do.

I think this was a really good idea. I really want to buy these smart shoes. I would buy these shoes because they’re smart. Also because it warms your feet if your feet are cold and because when you buy the shoes it will come in any size so it will shrink into your size and it will let anyone in your family wear the shoes. Well, I would really like the shoes to have apps also to have a camera on the front. The thing I really want it to do is time travel so you can see what your parents were like when they were young. Also you won’t be late anywhere.


Made with Padlet
We read this text and made a padlet about it.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Week 1 problem solving

Walt: make connections between fractions and decimals.
This is my problem solving for Term 2 week 1.

Maori technology poster

This is my maori technology reading activity.

Now that's thinking writing.

Now that’s thinking is our new theme for this Term. It is all about how technology has changed since maori found New Zealand. We have been looking at what has been used to make technology and what technology really is.

Technology could be a Phone, a computer and headphones. Anything that works is technology. This isn’t all ! Technology isn’t just things that are electrical. It could be boats or waka which maori used. It could also be things like windows,buildings and paper.

This term team 4 is learning about maori technology. Maori people made their own technology.
I think maori technology is waka, their carvings on marae, and tiki and there kete that they weaved with flax.

We know longer use the things maori used back in the day. Maori used trees and wood. We use things that are made out of metal, aluminium, titanium and many more because we have people who travel from other countries that bring new resources.