Sunday, 16 July 2017

Rainbows end

On the 15th of July me, my family and my friends went to rainbows end to celebrate my birthday. It wasn't my real birthday it was just my party. Any ways my friends that were with me were Pisirina, Jahzara and Marika.

When we got to rainbows end we were the first ones there so we quickly ran to the gates. My siblings came with my dad, and myself and my friends went with my mum. We were waiting at the gates and we saw Rai and Bow. Rai and Bow are the two Rainbows end people.

Finally we got inside Rainbows end and we ran to the Log flume. The Log flume is a water ride where you go in small logs. The logs take you to a magical land and at the end you go down this big waterfall.

After that ride we went on the Gold rush. The Gold rush is where you go in mini miner carts under ground. You will see fake people holding gold and digging for gold. When you come up from the under ground you see all the people who are on the Log flume.

We went on many more rides like the Pirate ship, Invader, Corkscrew coaster, Motion master, Fear fall, AA drivers town and Bumper boats. It was 4:50 and the rides were closing down because the theme park closes at 5:00 pm and opens at 10:00 we got there at 9:30. Myself, Jahzara and Marika went on the last ride that was opened the Invader.

We got off the Invader and ran to my parents. We dropped everybody home and I got home at 8:40 pm.


  1. Happy Birthday Levonah,
    It sounds like you, your family, Pisirina and Marika had a wonderful day. What was your favourite ride? It sound like a very long day.
    From Miss Davis

  2. Hi miss Davis I had 2 favourite rides.
    1. The Log flume
    2. The Goldrush



  3. Kia ora Levonah,

    Wow! It sounds like you had a pretty amazing day at Rainbow's End. I enjoyed reading all about it! I can see from your blog that your two favourite rides are The Log Flume and The Goldrush. How many times did you go on each ride?

    When I was a young girl I used to go to a theme park like Rainbow's End but I was a bit scared of the roller coaster-type rides so I used to only ever go on the log flume ride. I used to ride it all day - again and again and...again!

    Hope that you have a really nice week-end. I'll see you at Pt England next week when I come in to hand out the certificates and the prizes!