Thursday, 5 May 2016

My dream bedroom

Special Feature
Describe each special feature of your dream bedroom.
My disco shower.
When you enter my Dream Bedroom you will see my disco shower. It is very colourful and when you turn the shower on there is music playing, colourful water and there is even a TV on the top so you can relax and sit on the seat beside you.
My hoverboard.
Right next to my swimming pool is my hoverboard. It is a purple batwing hoverboard with black stripes. If I had a real hoverboard I would ride it every day around my room and outside.
My bed
My bed is shaped like a chocolate bar and next to my bed is a wall of my favourite chocolates. My bed looks exactly like a real chocolate and sometimes I think it is a big giant chocolate.
My restricted Elevator
In the top right corner of my dream bedroom is a normal closet with capital letters that say NO BOYS ALLOWED. I love my secret elevator because I can go anywhere at any time and I won’t have to be late again to netball and rugby games.
My butler’s area
I am not allowed in my butler’s area because he needs space to cook and  bake yummy food for me  and my friends. Every Easter week he always makes me a big white chocolate bunny, also he makes me bunny cupcakes and king size chocolates for all my friends and it has a ticket to a concert inside the chocolate. I acknowledge my butler for being here.
My dance floor
My dance floor is colourful, it has a spotlight, big loud speakers and a camera that records you dancing on the dance floor. Next to my dance floor is a snack table with lollies, cupcakes, chips and chocolates. I love my dance floor because I get to party and dance.
My pool
Inside my dream bedroom is a big swimming pool that has bumper boats and a diving board so I can do some bombs. I have a waterslide that leads from my bed to my pool and a roller coaster that starts off at my secret elevator and goes all the way to my swimming pool.
Walkway to Pisirina’s house
Behind my TV is a secret entrance that leads to pisirina’s house. When I walk to Pisirina’s house I have a sweets wall on the side of me and on the other side is a cupcake maker that makes any cupcake you want. I have never let anyone in my secret walkway to Pisi’s house, only me and Pisirina know about this.

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