Sunday, 1 May 2016

Holiday blogpost 11

On the 31st of April me and my family went to go visit Cathedral Cove where they filmed the Chronicles of Narnia. First we got our togs ready and put them on our bed then we went to go have Breakfast. After Breakfast we brushed our teeth and washed our face then we got dressed into our togs. Then my mum opened the sliding door the view was so beautiful we could see Hahei beach and the Hot water beach. We started walking to Cathedral Cove and when we got there the sign said that we had to walk 35 mins to get there. On our way to Cathedral Cove we stopped off at gem bay to see what it looked like and we kept walking. We were so tired and thirsty after we finished walking then I just dived into the water straight away. The water was nice and cold. I rode the waves with my boogie board. After swimming and riding waves we had to go back to the bach so we had some water and started walking back. I had a great time at Cathedral Cove.20160430_080155.jpg20160430_085526.jpg20160430_111302.jpg20160430_114559.jpg20160430_114611.jpg20160430_115925.jpg

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  1. Awesome. Cathedral Cove is possibly one of my favourite places in all of NZ. You were very lucky to visit there. I actually can't believe that you went swimming - the water must have been freezing!