Sunday, 1 May 2016

Holiday blogpost 12

On the 1st of May It was my last day in coromandel because on Monday it’s school. The first thing I did was go and watch a bit of TV and then I went to go clean my room up. I put on my togs and put my bag in the car. I had Breakfast then I brushed my teeth and washed my face.  My brother and sisters were playing outside and I was helping my mum clean the windows. Me and my siblings played outside and my mum called us to say that we were going to the beach. We got in the car and went to Hahei beach. We were cold but I just jumped in the water  with my boogie board and swam around in the sea. I was jumping waves, riding waves and playing tag in the ocean. Then we left to go back to the bach. We showered, cooked pancakes and ate them on the way home. We arrive at our house at 8:15PM. I loved coromandel.20160430_174128.jpg20160501_152046.jpg20160501_152305.jpg

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  1. Bonjour Lavonah

    You have made me and Mr Burt homesick reading your post. We love Coromandel. We are delighted to read about you being kind to you Mum washing windows!

    Have a lovely start to the term and keep posting

    Mrs Burt