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Day 5 week 2 coming to an end

Day 5 coming to an end:

Activity 1: VE day!

After six long years of fighting, World War II finally came to an
end in 1945. The entire country was ecstatic and parties were
thrown all over New Zealand to celebrate VE Day
(Victory in Europe). Imagine that you were living in New Zealand
in 1945 and you had to plan a VE day party at your house. Who
would you invite? What would you do to celebrate?

On your blog, tell us all about your (imaginary) VE party. If it was
me, I would invite all of my closest friends and family over to my
house for a big barbecue. We would eat hamburgers and play
basketball in the driveway. Some of us would probably walk to
the local beach to play soccer on the beach and to go for a swim
(if the weather was warm enough)!

That was what Rachel thought here is what I think.

I would invite my whole entire family and my friends. We
would all have so much fun together playing around.
Then we would go to the park and beach to have a nice swim
After that when we get hungry we will have a barbecue as well.
The food that we would eat would be chicken
Drumsticks, pork, lamb and many more. We would
have a blast.

Activity 2: Making a Fashion Statement

In the years following World War II, things slowly returned to
normal in New Zealand. Soldiers returned home and settled back
into regular life; and national sporting teams, like the New Zealand
cricket team, got back together
and started playing matches again. In the late 1940s, men and
women would go to watch these events, men wearing hats and
suits and women wearing dresses, hats, and gloves.Compare the
pictures of common clothing from the late 1940s to what you wear
now (i.e. in 2017). Are they similar or are they quite different?

On your blog tell us which of the two styles you prefer and why.
The pictures above were taken over 65 years ago! What do you
think people will be wearing 65 years from now?


The 1940s clothes

2017 clothes

I would prefer 2017 clothes like overalls because they
look really nice and are trendy. The reason why
I wouldn’t prefer 1940s clothes are because
they look weird and different from now days
but they must have been really popular back in
the 1940s.

Bonus Activity: Sweet Tooth

When World War II ended, a number of people from Europe moved
to New Zealand looking for a peaceful place to live and raise a
family. When they came, they
brought recipes and foods from their native countries with them,
including hamburgers, pizza and other delicious foods.

I usually have a chocolate chip cookie with my tea. I love biscuits!
What is your favourite sweet treat or dessert?

One of my all time favourite sweet treat or desert would
have to be Banoffee pie. It is a really great desert that you
can make at home here is the recipe and ingredients.
  • 3 or 4 malt biscuits, crushed
  • 100g butter, melted
  • 397g can Carnation Caramel
  • 4 small bananas
  • 300ml carton whipping cream, whipped
  • grated chocolate, to decorate
We make this at home all the time but double the size.
You can use anything to decorate the top of the cake.

Step 1:
Put the crushed biscuit into a bowl with the melted butter. Mix
it together thoroughly, then press the mixture into the base and
sides of your tin. Chill for ten minutes. This will form the base of
your easy banoffee pie.
Step 2:
Spread the caramel over the base. Just spread it out with a
spoon or a spatula – there’s no need to beat.

Step 3:
Slice the bananas and scatter them over the top, then put the
cream on top and decorate with grated chocolate. Just keep it in
the fridge until you’re ready.
Here is a photo of banoffee pie.

Thanks for reading day 5 week 2 of the S.L.J I hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Hey there Levonah, thanks for sharing how you would celebrate the completion and victory of the second world war in Europe. I love how you've gone into detail listing all the different kinds of food you would serve and enjoy. Swimming at the beach sounds awesome, but only if it was a hot sunny day. What would you do if the weather was rainy, cold and miserable?

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the fashion in the 1940's. It certainly does look dated when we look back on it now. In the future, people will probably look back on the fashion we are wearing today and think it looks strange! It's nice how today you can wear whatever is comfortable, whatever makes sense, whatever feels right. It seemed like in the 1940's you had to wear a similar thing for all types of activities and all types of weather. That wouldn't be much fun!

    Yum, banoffee pie is the best! I love choosing it when I go to cafes. You can always guarantee it's going to be awesome. Thank you for sharing the list of ingredients and also the quantities needed. You've gone into enough detail that someone could read this post and go away and bake it. Hmmmm...maybe I should?

    Do you bake a lot of cakes or cookies or muffins?

    Thanks, Billy.