Thursday, 18 January 2018

Week 3 day 2 Peace Out! ( The 1960s )

Day 2: Peace Out! (The 1960s)

Activity 1: The Dawn of Television
In the 1960s there was a great deal of change in New Zealand.
Technology was evolving and the television was introduced for
the first time into New Zealand homes in the 1960s. Popular
programmes included Town and Around and C’mon.  Television
remains popular to this day.

What is your favourite television show at the moment? On your
blog tell us about your favourite television show. What is it about?
Who are the main characters? What channel is it on?
I would actually have to say that K.C. Undercover is my favourite
TV show.
This TV show is really popular and many people watch it.
K.C. Undercover is about a girl named K.C. who is
a undercover spy as well as her family. Every episode
is a different mission for them to complete. They
take down the bad guys as a family. The main
character of the show is K.C. The channel
that it is on is 100 disney channel.

Activity 2: Rock ‘n’ Roll
Famous bands also started travelling across the world and in
1964, New Zealand hosted, arguably the most popular band of the
time, The Beatles. People were very excited to see The Beatles,
and the hype around the band was known as Beatle-Mania
(similar to the modern-day Bieber-Fever)!

Read about their tour of New Zealand below, and then post three
interesting facts about The Beatles Tour on your blog.

#1. The Beatles had so much fans that the fans were getting hurt
and destroying things.

#2. In 1964 their were fans waiting for the Beatles behind a
wire fence but because of the pushing and shoving the wire
fence was about to collapse.

#3. Their were a team of 30 police officers that couldn’t even
handle the crowd that they needed more backup.

Bonus Activity: The Three Rs - Rugby, Racing and Running

In the 1960s, sport in New Zealand was dominated by the three R’s –
rugby, racing and running. The national rugby team, the All Blacks, had a
great decade, winning 36 of the 40 games that they played. Many kiwis
also spent their week-ends at the local racetrack and, in 1960, Peter Snell
won a gold medal in the 800m race at the Olympic Games in Rome, Italy.
He followed this up with two more gold medals in the 800m and 1500m
races at the 1964 Olympic Games.

Watch this documentary about Peter Snell and then create a one-page
poster on Canva* about this famous kiwi runner. Be sure to include a
picture of Peter along with information about his interests and other
sporting accomplishments.

Here is my poster I hope you like it.

Thank you for reading Week 3 day 2 of the summer learning Journey I hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Hey there Levonah, thank you for sharing your favourite television show with us, KC Undercover. I like that you have included a poster of the show too. I have seen a lot of children blog about this TV show and I always assumed it was a cartoon. So now I know! Thanks :)

    It reminds me of other shows like Kim Possible, or the movie Spy Kids, or another movie called Agent Cody Banks. Have you heard of any of those?

    Thank you for also writing and sharing three interesting facts about The Beatles and their tour of New Zealand in the 1960's. It sounds like such a crazy and hectic tour. The fans were crazy! The Beatles hated it and never wanted to return. In fact, they didn't even want to play live anymore, because the fans would scream so loud that they couldn't hear their instruments.

    Have you ever listened to any of their music?

    What other musicians do you like?

    Thank you Levonah, I can't wait to hear more of your interesting thoughts.

    Billy :)