Friday, 12 May 2017

What is that writing

This week, we looked at a picture of a new technology and we had to guess what the problem was that the product was solving. This product looks like a shoe to me. I think the product is made out of aluminum so it’s light for us to hold, Titanium so that the shoes won’t break and it can hold anyone and magnesium so that the shoes are really strong.

Well I think that the product is a shoe. You can press the button in the front and it will record you or take a photo. I also think you can time travel you just say where you want to go and it will take you there. You could also fly. You put your shoes on and you say I want to fly and you will fly. It will also tell you how fast you're going and how slow you’re going. The shoe will also have apps. You just press the button at the back and it will say which app you're on. You just keep pressing the button until it goes to the app you want. If the shoe is flat on power you will have to charge it or else it will lose it’s power. So if you want to charge it you get your charger and plug it in the hole and it will charge. When you see a green light your shoe is charged but if you see a red light it is on low battery.

Wow! Now I know what the product is. Press the link to go to the video Link. It is smart shoes. Did you know it’s the world's first smart shoes? It’s controlled through your smartphone or your smartwatch. The smart shoe laces it self. The smart shoe   actually doesn't come in your size it comes in any size and if your feet is too small it shrinks into your size. The shoe lets you choose the temperature of your shoe and it goes up to 113 degrees. The smart shoe also tracks how many steps you do. It also has a charger which looks like a pair of headphones. The shoes now how tall you are what age you are and how much you weigh. I think the problem is solved by it is smart shoes and it can do what other shoes can’t do.

I think this was a really good idea. I really want to buy these smart shoes. I would buy these shoes because they’re smart. Also because it warms your feet if your feet are cold and because when you buy the shoes it will come in any size so it will shrink into your size and it will let anyone in your family wear the shoes. Well, I would really like the shoes to have apps also to have a camera on the front. The thing I really want it to do is time travel so you can see what your parents were like when they were young. Also you won’t be late anywhere.

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