Friday, 19 May 2017

Catching coin challenge

When I heard about the task I was feeling excited but at the same time I was scared.
Wow! that was amazing. The catching coin challenge was so much fun. These were the rules.

You had to put one hand on our shoulder and put the coin on your elbow. Then you put your elbow in the air and that will make the coin go up. Once the coin is in the air you have time to get ready to catch it but you have to catch the coin with the same hand.

Miss West gave us a coin each and said “you can start now”. As soon as she said that our coins were in the air.  We started and Josh was already up to four because he was so good.

I started and I caught the coin on my first go. Everyone was laughing so much and their coins went everywhere. Some people just wanted to get a lot so they cheated.

Miss West said “ one minute everyone and we were trying to get as much as we could. I was up to eight like  my friend Jahzara. We just kept catching our coins the Miss West said “ your time is up”.

Josh and AJ F caught eleven coins. I also caught eleven coins. Jahzara caught ten and Pisirina caught eight coins. Damien caught 28 coins because he was cheating.
I really wish we can do this same challenge. It was really fun and everybody had a really good time.

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