Monday, 29 May 2017

What has happened to Miss West

Well I know what has happened to Miss West. Well she is sick of coming to school and teaching that she took a day off and called in sick. Well she actually is out shopping with a few of her friends who are teachers from other schools that called in sick but they’re (not).

I can imagine what they’re doing right now. Going to get a coffee, eating somewhere nice, shopping at the mall, going on the Disney Cruise, spending all her money$$$, flying to America on her private jet, driving her new lamborghini and drinking Unicorn Frappuccino at starbucks with her friends. Then off to Disneyland with Mickey and Minnie mouse, coming back from her cousin's wedding (well she really is) at all the amusement parks she can imagine. Meeting celebrities, scabbing money$$$ off her mum, because she doesn't have any. She is probably having the best day of her life. I mean I would want to do that but not the bit where she is scabbing money$$$ off her mum because obviously my mum wouldn’t give me money. She’s a Islander who wants to save money.

She would also go to the gym and try to get bigger muscles than Mr Moran. She is trying to get a 6 pack of abs. She wants to be stronger than every man in the world so she can be like Hulk smash. When she comes back tomorrow she will look like a giant with to many muscles. Than we will never want her as a teacher again.

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