Monday, 10 December 2018

Year 6 camp

I was so excited for camp that when we made it to Kawau Island I was so happy.
Everyone was filled with excitement and Joy. If you want to find out more about
my spectacular experience read on.

As we campers walked onto camp Bentzon we saw so many amazing things
around us. We were just about to sit down with our luggage but Mr Somerville
( Mr S ) said “ Come on team It’s time for killer hill”. Some of us were scared,
nervous and determined to take on the big hill and kill it. We started walking up
the terrifying hill and already our legs started to burn, our foreheads were
sweating and it was boiling hot. We were halfway up the hill but we still had
to go down to the other side and come back to the campsite. I looked down the
hill and it was so steep that I felt like I was about to fall from the sky tower.

After that fright I looked back up and Mr S, Mr J and some boys were at the top.
I really wanted to get there faster because I was scared of falling so I started
running and made it to the top. I looked out to the sea and it was a beautiful
view from the top. After a quick look we had to keep going but luckily it was
downhill for the rest of the time. We finally made it to Smeltons beach and the
old schoolhouse bay was right next to us. It was so cool to see the schoolhouse
bay. We had lunch, we played games and we relaxed with our friends.

Shortly after our fun we started our long journey back to camp Bentzon. We
were nearly at camp and we heard sounds coming from the bushes. Mr S spotted
a wallaby and told us to be very quiet. It was so small but it hopped off away
with it’s mum.  We finally made it to camp and after 3 hours of hiking we were
exhausted. A couple minutes later Mr Goodwin ( Mr G ) said that we could go
swimming so we ran to find our cabins, got changed and jumped in the water.
I was in a cabin with Marika, Eden, Jahzara and Pisirin. Then was freezing
cold but it felt nice after being in the boiling hot sun. All the campers that were
swimming swam to the pontoon where we all jumped off. It was so much fun
but we had to get ready for dinner. After getting ready for dinner we ate the
delicious food that Mrs Coop made, watched the princess bride and went to
sleep for our big day ahead of us.

It was the next day and Mr J blew the bugle for all of us to wake up. It was so
loud that Eden fell off her bed. After that we had our morning run which was
so tiring, got changed for our activities we were doing and had breakfast. We
then got sent off to our activities and my group Bentzon A were doing sailing.
We arrived to Peter who was the sailing instructor and he explained every single
instruction to us. He said “if you listen to these instructions you won’t fall out
of your optimist”. Then it was time to go sailing. I sat down in my optimist and
sailed away. This was my first time sailing so I got a bit mixed up but I
remembered Peters key instructions and followed them. I enjoyed my time
sailing and had lots of fun. I listened to Peters instructions and I didn’t fall out
of my optimist once.

It was time for the next activity Confidence course with Mr J and It looked
amazing. I saw so many things up high but that didn’t bother me so I gave
everything ago. My favourite task from the confidence course was when I had
to climb the huge poles of wood, hug my momma to get to the other side of the
wood and climb down the other side. After having fun with Mr J we moved
on to our next activities for the day and had so much fun. Later on it was night
and time to play spotlight. We got told all the rules then we ran off trying to
find the best spot possible. The game started and we only had 5 minutes to get
to the circle where you would be safe. So many people tried to run to the circle
but they got caught by the teachers and parent helpers.

The bugle went and there was only one person in the circle. It was Arthur,
we were all shocked. Mr S had added a new rule and it was called the freeze rule.
 If a teacher spotted you and you were frozen they would have to let you go and
count to ten. We all ran off trying to find the ideal hiding spot, then we started.
I hid behind a large boat but I saw Mr G coming so I tried to stay silent. Jahzara
was in front of me and paige and Ayva were at the back. He spotted all of them
except for me so I stayed until he left, then I ran like I never ran before to the
circle and I made it. I was so happy then the round was over. So many more
kids made it when the freeze rule came in. After that we had many more rounds
and went to bed.

It was the next morning and Mr J blew the bugle again! It was so loud that he
made my ears pop. We all ran down to the field and started our morning run.
Up the big hill we went in our pyjamas and our legs were burning again! It
was so sore but we kept going. Everyone was motivating each other and myself
and marika were one of the first ones back to camp. Amira and Miss Parant
woke up late so we offered to run again with them. They didn’t want to do it
but we led them up the hill cheering them on. We ran down the hill then finally
made it back to camp. After the big run we had a nice big feed for breakfast.
Spaghetti on toast, mince on toast, cereal and fruit salad delicious!

We moved on to our next activities for the day and our first activity was
Abseiling. We walked over with Madi the instructor to the big wall. It was
so tall but I volunteered to go first. As I was climbing It started to poor and I
was drenched. It was so slippery that I said “ I can’t do it “ but my team cheered
me on and I made it to the top. I got buckled to another rope and came down. It
was just like rock climbing but we had nothing to hold onto except for the rope.
I was so happy that I did it and the rest of my team went and had so much fun.
We had so many fun activities for the rest of the day like rafting, kayaking and
the burma trail. After all of that we got ready for the big night. It was concert
night. We made our way to the volleyball court and sat down on our chairs then
the first Item went and it was Mansion! They started there dance and the songs
were All over and Run the world. It was so cool and I loved there cool dance
moves and they even added a skit in there Item. Then It was kawau with This
is me then Katz with I want you back. After all of that it was Bentzon’s turn
and our songs were the Fresh prince of bel air theme song and I wanna dance
with somebody. As we were doing I wanna dance with somebody we went to
grab Mr S, Mr J, Mr G and Miss Timmy. We had so much fun and everyone
was laughing and smiling. Then our dance finished and it was time to hear
who won. In 4th place was Kawau, in 3rd place was Katz, in 2nd place was
Mansion and in 1st place was Bentzon we were so happy that we won and
did our dance all over again.

Then it was the time everyone had been waiting for Camp King and camp
Queen. They first announced camp Queen and It was Me. I was so happy
but then camp king got announced and it was John. We were all laughing
then our night ended. Off to sleep we went and we would finally see our family
. It was the next day and as usual Mr J blew the bugle, we ran up and down the
hill then had breakfast. We finally packed all our bags, cleaned the rooms and
hopped on the boat. We left on the boat and it was so nice that we even stopped
to see a view of the mansion house. After a long hour on the boat we hopped on
the bus and had another long hour back to school. We all saw our parents and
that was year 6 camp 2018.


Photo's coming soon.

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