Friday, 21 December 2018

SLJ Day 2: Forest Life

SLJ Day 2: Forest Life

Hi bloggers sorry this is a late post. Today I will be talking about the big forest among us and even some of Aotearoa's famous sports teams. Continue reading to find out about day 2.

Activity 1: Giants Among Us

New Zealand has a really special environment. Many of the plants and trees found in New Zealand are not found anywhere else in the world. These plants and trees are endemic to our country.  In New Zealand, one of the largest and longest living endemic trees is the NZ Kauri tree. Kauri are mainly found in three regions of New Zealand: the Coromandel, Auckland and Northland. The largest Kauri tree in the country is in the Waipoua Forest in Northland. It is called Tāne Mahuta. Some people refer to it as the ‘Lord of the Forest.’
Thousands of people go to visit Tāne Mahuta every year.

I would love to go on a trip and visit the largest tree in Aotearoa, Tane Mahuta. The reason being is because I love the outdoor nature and this tree is very appealing to me. It would be a great opportunity if I could go there because I would see how tall the tree is in real life, I would also make sure to capture it and post it on my blog to show all of you what I did while I was there. I would also love to walk the waipoua forest kauri tracks to see all the other wonderful Kauri trees there.

Activity 2: Fabulous ferns
One of the most common plants found in New Zealand forests is the fern. It is a special, iconic symbol of New Zealand. You will find pictures of ferns on the jerseys of many famous sporting teams in New Zealand, including the New Zealand All Blacks.

1: Silver ferns
2: Black ferns
3: All Blacks

Out of all three of these sports teams I think the team that has the best uniform is the silver ferns. They have the best uniform because you can see the fern a lot more than the All blacks and Black ferns jersey. It also looks great, light and easy to run in while there playing netball. I also really love the black ferns and one day I want to be just like my role model and play rugby for the black ferns. Her name is Fiao'o Fa’amausili. She is a rugby legend and has led the Black ferns to back to back victories ever since she became captain. She is a great leader to her team and is a great sport but most of all she is a kind and caring women who serves her community as a police officer.That’s why I want to be just like her.

Activity 3: Weird and wonderful
New Zealand is just one of many countries that has amazing plants and trees. In fact, the African desert is home to some pretty incredible plants, like the cactus. Some cacti are able to survive on as little as 3 millilitres (ml) of water a day. Wow!
Let’s imagine that you are given a cactus for your birthday. To keep it alive, you must give it 3 ml of water every day.
Over one full year, how much water will you need to give your cactus plant?
On your blog, tell us how to solve this maths problem. You can write your answer in words, use a Sketchpad image, or post a video explaining how you would figure it out. Be sure to give us your final answer in millilitres (ml).

Here is a image of my problem solving.

I hope you enjoyed reading SLJ Day 2.


  1. ZDRAS-TVUY-TE Levonah ( Means Hello in Russian)

    What a Stunning post you have created , I loved the reason why you wanted to vist the Tāne Mahuta were almost the same I love going outdoors like adventures do you ??? Keep up the awesome work Vonah !!!!

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  2. Kia Ora Levonah,

    I really love the way how you've writen down the way you solved the maths problem and the way you told us all the final answer you got. Your blog post about that was super incredible, Now I know why your in Extension because your really clever. Was this a tricky maths problem, why? How did it feel when you were solving this? Well keep up the awesome work and continue blogging.