Thursday, 28 June 2018

Mr Goodwin's deep dish pizza.

Mr Goodwin sat down to order his first Deep Dish Pizza. But Mr Goodwin didn’t know that the chef
was going to do something way better. The chef knew one of Mr Goodwin’s very good friends so he
decided to give him a call so that he could make Mr Goodwin's pizza. When the friend got to the pizza
store he disguised himself so Mr Goodwin would never notice. “Fewwww” he said because he got past.

Then he took off his hoodie and we finally knew who he was. His name was Mr Moran. Mr Moran was
so excited because he got to decorate Mr Goodwin’s pizza. First Mr Moran had to put sauce on the
pizza but he didn’t put any normal sauce he put the hottest sauce in the world on the pizza. The sauce
was called Dave’s Ghost pepper hot sauce. He then spread it round and put the hottest cheese in the
world that was called Tesco’s scotch bonnet cheddar.
Mr Moran made the pizza look like a normal pizza but it had all the hot ingredients on it. After putting the
sauce and cheese he got many other hot ingredients like Ghost peppers, carolina reapers and last but
not least another dazzle of Dave’s ghost pepper hot sauce. Finally the pizza was ready.

It went into the oven and after half an hour the pizza was cooked. The real chef took the pizza out to
Mr Goodwin and he was really happy. He didn’t even notice one bit that it was really different.
Mr Goodwin then took the first bite. It was a really big bite by the way. After he swallowed it his face
turned red and he screamed like a little girl.

Mr Goodwin saw Mr moran come out and he got so mad that even his arms and legs turned red.
Mr Moran was laughing. He even laughed so much that he started to cry. His tears made a puddle that
he could swim in.

Mr Goodwin grabbed a jug of milk and he started chugging and chugging it. Finally all the hotness went
away and they went home happily ever after. Except Mr Goodwin.

Task description: In this task I had to choose from a bunch of stories so I could create my own. It was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot. Read the presentation to find out what happens.

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