Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Little red riding hood twist

Preparing deliver to Grandmas

Once upon a fairy time there was a boy named Biggy savage trouble hood/ Biggy. Every week Biggy would take some sweet treats to his Grandma. But he didn’t . What he did was take the sweet treats for himself and someone else. That someone else was Wolfie. Wolfie was a good person to Biggy but a bad person to everyone else. A few weeks later Biggy finally felt sorry for Grandma and ran to her house to deliver some sweet treats that his mum baked for her.

At Grandmas

In the basket was Cupcakes, Cakes, a loaf of bread and a cup
of honey. As Biggy was about to knock on the door he saw
something big. Not just big very big. He looked threw the
window and saw Wolfie trying to wrestle Grandma. So he
opened the door pretending he didn’t know what was going on.
Pretending he didn’t know “ What big ears you have, What big
eyes you have”. “Wait a minute your not Grandma your Wolfie.

Getting Wolfie

Biggy ran it straight to Wolfie and once he was down on the
ground he asked “ Where’s my Grandma” Biggy said. Wolfie was
really scared. With a tiny voice Wolfie said “over their at the back
The End

So then Biggy taped Wolfie to a chair, got grandma and made sure
she was ok, then called the police to take Wolfie. From then on
Biggy and Grandma never saw Wolfie ever again. Then Biggy and
Wolfie lived happily ever after.

Task description: In this task Room seven had to write a story
about Little red riding hood. But we didn't write about the normal
story. We put a twist in the story. Read it to find out my twist of the

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