Thursday, 22 February 2018

Little egg friends

This is my experience about my egg friend. We all got to hold one egg each and take care of it. Have you ever had to take care of your friend but wait it’s not a normal friend it’s an egg friend ?

In class, Mr Goodwin told us what we were going to be doing that morning. He said that we were going to do a challenge, and it was all about eggs. We all ‘cracked’ up when he said that. Mr Goodwin showed us an eggsample of what our task was. He picked out one egg from the egg carton and drew a face on the egg. He showed us the face and asked someone to name it, Marika shouted out  “ Bob” and we laughed so hard that our cheeks hurt so bad.

Once we all got a egg we drew weird crazy faces on them. When we finished drawing our little egg friends faces, we named them, my egg friend was named Fiona. After Fiona in shrek. Room 7 ran outside carefully and started walking to the park. As we were walking we all cradled our eggs and made sure it wasn’t going to drop or die. Fewww I was in luck my egg didn’t die as I was walking to the park.

Mr Goodwin took pictures of us in groups of four, I was with Pisirina, Marika and Jahzara. When he took the picture he said “ try get through the adventure park without breaking or cracking your egg”. We all ran for the rock climbing wall and climbed up. I put Fiona at the top and she nearly got cracked because people were walking past and were almost about to step on her. I got to the top and went past the monkey bars and up the ladder. Mr Goodwin counted down from “ 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, so we could all meet on the grass.

Overall I think that this was really fun. I think everyone should do this activity because they would really enjoy it. I really liked how everyone had such a great time doing this.

WALT: structure a recount.

Task description: In this activity we had a fun time because we got to on an adventure with our little egg friends. Read to find out what happens.

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