Friday, 16 February 2018

A Big Big mission

WALT: Make sure that I am being Cybersmart

Have you ever had a teacher turn into a Sargent all of a sudden? Well I have.
Yesterday Sargent Goodwin  took us out on the cold wet grass on the field however it was a
big mission just for us. Read the rest to find out what happens next.

In this big mission Sargent Goodwin told us what to do. He told every single one of us that we
were going to be running. He said “ you guys have to run all the way to the gold post and back”.
We were all getting ready to run then Sargent Goodwin said are you ready. We said yes.

“On your marks get set go” sargent Goodwin said. Everyone ran their hardest all the way their.
When we started running some people ruined it for us. It was the boys. The boys were big

The boys ran halfway so that they could win but they didn’t. Lucky Sargent Goodwin told them
off. By the time he finished telling them off the girls were finished. When we finished he told us
to stand in one big straight line. We were his soldiers. It was like we were getting ready to go to
war. We all marched on the bike track around the field like a big army.

I kinda felt like I was training to be a soldier with my friends. Next time I would want to do
some army activities to feel like I’m getting pushed to do everything that soldiers do. Thanks for

Task description: In this task we had to write about our experience with being soldiers. It was a really fun task and a big mission.

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  1. Nice work Levonah!
    I really love the effort that you have put into this excellent story, especially the introduction I found super interesting because as soon as I read the introduction I was rushing my way through the story as fast as I could!

    Keep it up!