Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Practice Test Writing

This morning on the 24th myself, room 10 and Miss West went out on the field to act out drama. First up she explained what we had to do. Miss West would pick a subject then we would have to act that subject out.

Then the acting began. The first subject was sport. I volunteered to go first and act out a sport. The sport I did was running. I acted like I was Usain Bolt.

Then Miss West said “freeze Levonah”. When I froze I looked like I was standing in a single ladies position. Everyone was laughing at me so I just laughed myself. After I froze Loseti came in and was dancing the single ladies with me.

Then the subject changed. Every time Miss West would say freeze a new person would come into the act and change the story up. Every scene was funny especially the scene when Amira froze. Then Jedida came in and looked like she was working out in a gym.

Finally it was coming to an end. Then Miss West said “everyone get into groups of three or four and act like someone is taking a picture of you”. Myself, Eden and Pisirina were in a group.

When we went up everyone started to laugh at us. We were getting a little shy but I encouraged Pisirina and Eden to still do our photo. Eden was holding me and Pisirina was posing at the back.

Toby said “ It looks like you guys are getting married at a wedding”. We said “ no Toby it’s not a wedding and we're not getting married”. No one else knew what to say so we told them. “ We’re doing ballet”.

I liked acting out the different things and I hope we can do it more in our learning.

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