Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Musical Madness

At last I finally got to see what the new theme was. It was called Musical Madness. Musical Madness is all about music and instruments.

This morning was Immersion assembly and as I walked in Mr Burt, Mr J and Mrs Nua were singing a song that they made up called Musical Madness which is our theme. As soon as everyone was in the hall Mr Burt said “welcome to this terms theme Musical Madness”.  Everyone was cheering and so happy.

After that it was Team 1. There item was all about how music can change how they feel. The team 1 teachers were playing a game of snap and while they were playing there was music. The music kept changing how they felt.

Then it was team 2. I don’t quite actually know what team 2 is learning about. There skit was all about the lion sleeps tonight. All the team 2 teachers were playing different instruments.

After team two it was team 3. They showed a movie all about songs in real life. Team 3 is learning about how they can tell their stories with music.

Finally it was my team. Team 4. The movie played and it was the team 4 teachers doing carpool karaoke in there cars. It was really funny at the end because Mr Jacobsen was singing a cool song in is van while rolling down the window.

Last but not least was team 5. Team 5 is doing a mixture of everything. There skit was watching a movie called the Lion King. Every time Rafiki held simba up the movie would always change music. I can’t wait for this term.

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