Friday, 25 August 2017

Capture the Flag Writing

This morning Miss West told us that we were going to play capture the flag. As soon as she said that we were so excited that we couldn’t wait. We walked down to the field and put the cones out.
We had to put the cones into a different space because it was to muddy everywhere. So that took up a lot of time then finally we started the game. Miss West blew her whistle and the game started.

While we were playing on the field , there were 8 of us on the field at a time. When Miss West blew her whistle Josh and AJ F ran to the safe area. They brought back 2 flags. In the safe areas there are 4 flags.

Myself and Loseti ran to the safe area but we were in there for ages because the other team was goose guarding us. Lucky Toby ran to distract them and we brought the other 2 flags back to our territory.Then game 2 started and the people who did not get a turn were playing. It was so muddy but we were lucky that we got to play. The others finished their game but Miss West said that was all the time we had.

We asked her to play 1 more game but she said no because we had to write about our experience.I had a really fun time playing capture the flag.

Code Words
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