Monday, 14 August 2017

Bike helmet Fitting

Today we had to try on our bike helmets to see what size we were because we were going to get a special lesson from a bike teacher. My size helmet was a medium.

Step 1, Check for cracks in your helmet by pushing the edges of the helmet.

Step 2. Put the helmet on to see if you can fit it. The way you know how you can fit your helmet is to put two finger on your forehead. If you can fit more than two fingers on your forehead than the helmet is too big.

Step 3. Look down at the floor to see if your helmet falls off. If your helmet falls off your head when you look down then the helmet is still to big.

Step 4. When you’ve got your helmet buckle it in. Now with a friend get them to check the side straps to make sure that it is a y.

Now you know how to fit your bike helmet properly.

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