Friday, 8 July 2016

Te Tuhi

Climbing off the bus with excitement, we lined up in two straight lines ready to walk inside Te Tuhi. When we got inside Te Tuhi our tour guide Jeremy was waiting for us so we could go to the workshop. As we got inside the workshop Jeremy said we could start making our dream house.

First we had to pick 10 shapes then transform them into a dream house. Then when we finished transforming our houses and we glued the shapes on. After that we had to outline our dream house with vivid. Last but not least we had to draw the inside of our dream house.

I drawed my own Burger King then I drawed my bedroom. My bed is a chocolate bed with king size chocolates next to it. I have a netball court and if you look up you will see all my trophies I have won. If you get tired after a netball game you can jump on the roller coaster and it will take you straight to my swimming pool. There is also a waterslide that goes all the way to my pool.

At my pool is bumper boats and a waterslide. I wish my dream house was real so that I could live in it. When we finished our dream houses we went to the art gallery. When we got inside the art gallery it was really cool.

There was this art station so that when you come with your family you can paint their face on a piece of paper. You have to put a blindfold on and dip your finger into the paint and feel your parents face at the same time as painting their face. It looked really cool.

In the next room it’s like a movie theatre but instead it’s just a room that is dark playing movies. After that we went back to the foyer and lined up ready to go back to school.

I really loved Te Tuhi and I wish to go there with my family one day.

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