Monday, 9 November 2015


On Saturday afternoon at 12 o'clock I went swimming with my auntie,uncle, my cousins my sisters and my mum. We went to Parnell pools. 

There was one cold pool that was the deepest pool. I was shivering when I got in the pool it was like ice. Then I got used to it.
I saw Tyler Marie in the pool with her little cousin. I slid down the new slide and I stood under the bucket where it fills up and tips all the water on you it was warm water. 

Then we had a break. We had chicken sandwiches and a drink of Mountain Dew. We were jumping off the sides and my uncle caught us. He chucked me and my cousin in the pool.

After we swam I had a shower and we wenT to Kmart and took photos of what we were going to get for Christmas. Then we went to Burger King to get rodeo burgers and we went back home

Lucky I'm going again next week I wish I could do it on school days.

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