Friday, 6 November 2015


                         The yummy yum yum—osaurus

The yummy yum yum osaurus is calm and is a brightful dinosaur. He lives in dream world. Dream world is a world full of white chocolate.

The yummy yum yum—osaurus lived 34 million years ago in the healing period. The healing period was when dinosaurs got hurt they had to go to the tallest mountain Mount Gummy.

So when the sun was going down at Mount Gummy they had to climb the mountain and then they would get healed. Every evening there would be 60 people there.

His favourite food is lollies also his nickname is junkie.He always likes to swim in the pool and his favourite thing is jumping on gummy trampolines. There is one dinosaur he is afraid of the strength—osaurus. 

He has strength that can tear down a tree with only one push. He has a sharp tail and humongous muscles that can lift up 4 yummy yum yum—osaurs.

If he  sees strength—osaurus ,he has a secret siren. The siren goes on and if strength—osaurus tries to enter he will get blown away. 

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