Monday, 20 August 2018

Warriors Curtain Raisers

When we arrived into the stadium I was feeling really nervous. As we were walking down the stairs, I saw the big field that we were going to play on. My heart was beating so fast, my legs were shaking and I was just so scared.

We finally made it to our seats after a long walk, and we had a great view of the women’s warriors team playing. Our girls team were so happy when we saw the women’s warriors because we saw women that we knew. I saw this one girl and I couldn’t believe my eyes she was a lady who used to play for my rugby club in the women's Marist rugby team. It was the end of the game and the ladies won 32 - 4.

Then we had to start getting ready, the under 13s had just finished playing their game and we started our warm up. We had to copy Roger and Johnny Tuivasa sheck. After that it was game time, the hooters went and the ref blew her whistle. The opposition kicked the ball towards us and it rolled towards me. I was supposed to give the ball and follow the plan but I heard my teacher say run Levonah run.

So I grabbed the ball and ran as fast as I could. First I ran into this little girl and bumped her off as hard as I could, then I stepped another girl and ran so fast like flash. I was so close to the try line and another girl tried to tackle me but I just kept pumping my legs like my coach taught me and I got the ball down onto the tryline. I was so happy because I’ve never ever played on the Mt smart stadium field before and It was a once in a lifetime opportunity so I had to get the try.

The game was nearly over and I really wanted my sister to get a try, so I helped her out and I told her to do our plan liked we practiced. The plan was that she would dummy it to the side that everyone was on and she would run it to the tryline. It was time that she was about to do it. Then she did it and she sprinted to the tryline and got the try. I was so proud because both of us each got a try. Then the hooter blew and it was time.

We were all so happy that we won, but we had to remember to stay humble. We did our cheers, shook hands with the other team and had a photo with them. We went back to our seats and we were talking about our amazing win. We ended up winning 24 - 0.

Finally after all of that it was time for the warriors game. We were all so excited, but in the first five minutes a player from the knights got a try for his team. We were a bit angry but we just kept cheering and cheering for the warriors. “ Let’s go the warriors let’s go” we all said. “Yassss” we screamed Blake green scored the first try. When Blake scored the first try we were hungry so we went for a little break to get something to eat.

As we were ordering the food Shaun Johnson made the kick for his team. We all were eating and David Fusitu’a scored the next try right in front of us. We shouted “ David David” and he waved at us. The cook island drums were playing, so we went in front of it and started dancing. Mr Moran got out his phone and started recording us. Shaun also got his next kick.

The game was nearly finished and Adam Blair got the last try in between the gold post. We all went crazy, we even got a wave from Kalyn Ponga. The final score was 22 - 7.

Overall I thought playing on the Mt smart field was amazing and super fun. Also watching the Women’s Warriors was really inspiring. I had so much fun that night and our team won, the Women’s Warriors won and the Warriors won.

Please check out our highlights movie!


  1. Nice one Levonah! What a nice win we had too haha! Funny how those teachers gave us a yell since we were yelling to much too! Hahahaa! Im going to miss playing leauge too.

  2. Hi Vonah,

    Its me Naomi, I just want to say keep up the good work and I am quite jealous that you got to play the opening the game to the warriors. Keep playing hard and hope I can't wait to see more blog posts.

    Kind regards,