Thursday, 29 June 2017

Production Reflection - Back in da Day

If you could do the production again, what would you change or add and why?
Well if I could do the production again I would want everyone to have their own part in the play and let everyone add something to the script. Overall I loved that everyone was happy and had a good time. I was one of the dance choreographers for this production. We had to come up with dance moves for three different songs. It was a lot of fun.

The hard part for me was at the end because I was one of the presenters. I had to memorize my part because Eden left so Mrs Sinclair had to make a last minute change and asked me If I wanted to do Edens part and I said yes.

The reason why it was hard was because I had a script to bring on stage but I lost it while I was getting changed so I had to go on stage and memorize it but lucky before I said anything Bethan ran on stage to give the script to me. Next time I could project my voice so the people at the back could here me. I was feeling scared but at the same time I was excited. The bit I loved the most in the production was the Tongan scene because everyone was smiling and so happy.

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