Thursday, 13 April 2017


Rapunzel was just a little girl when she got stolen from her parents. Rapunzel spent her whole life in the cold dark woods. She lived with her fake mother , Mother Gothel.

They lived in a small house. No one would go near the house because it was haunted. Rapunzel was sick of Mother Gothel telling her to stay in the house she didn’t know why. Rapunzel never knew that Mother gothel was her fake mum.

When Mother Gothel went out Rapunzel followed her to see what she was getting up to every day. She saw Mother Gothel at the beach she wondered why she would go there and saw her pouring chemical things in the water and chucking rubbish everywhere. She got so angry at her because Mother Gothel knew that rapunzel always took care of the environment.

So she shouted out “Mum what are you doing” Mother Gothel replied “Oh nothing dear”.” I saw what you were doing you were chucking rubbish everywhere and pouring chemical things into the river. You knew what you did” said Rapunzel.

Rapunzel looked all around she was so sad when she saw all the rubbish everywhere she started picking it up. She was crying because it just hurt her so much. Mother Gothel said I’m so sorry for what I have done. Rapunzel said don’t apologize that’s not gonna change anything.

Mother Gothel felt so bad that she started picking up the rubbish. By the end of the day all the rubbish was picked up and in the bin. Rapunzel was still sad because they couldn’t do anything about the water and how all the chemical things were in it. Mother Gothel and Rapunzel went home very sad.

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