Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Maui and the giant fish voice over

 A long long time  ago there was a man living on a small island. His name was MAUI TIKITIKI-O-TARANGA who was a strong Maori warrior. He and his whanau were starving so  he set off to sea in his waka to catch some fish for his Whanau.

The sea is a place where we can catch kaimoana {Sea food} to eat. If the sea is polluted we won't have any more sea food to eat.

While Maui was out at sea, he rowed his waka all day and all night until he found the perfect spot to fish. He put his bait on his rope and put it out. He sat there waiting and waiting and saw a lot of small  fish  swim past but didn’t want to eat the bait.

It was time something big and black with 2 big red eyes he did not know what it was until it took an enormous bite in the bait. Maui saw the rope going down into the sea. He pulled and pulled it until it became land aotearoa.

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