Friday, 14 October 2016

The day of the explosion

Not long ago there lived a young lady called Arianna. She lived in a lab with her parents in a place called Mad Scientists , that was where all the scientists lived. One day when Arianna got home she really wanted to make an experiment.

So she got all the things she needed and got to work. The things she needed were a blowtorch, a marshmallow, icing sugar, and milk. First she dipped the marshmallow in the milk and rolled it in the icing sugar, she covered the whole thing.

Once it was dry she blowtorched it and left the blowtorch on to still  heat up the marshmallows. WERRH OH WERRH OH!! She heard the smoke alarm and ran to the lab. Everything exploded and it went horribly wrong. Arianna ran to get the fire hose and sprayed it all out.

She said “this is Awesooooooome”!  I want to do this again with my friends but I just have to be very careful.

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