Friday, 26 August 2016

Ben Johnson

In 1988 in the Seoul Olympics there was a young man named Ben Johnson. He was about to race in the finals for 100 meters. Everybody's eyes were on Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis.

They were both racing in the 100 meters sprint for the gold medal. The gun went off and the boys ran as fast as they could. Ben Johnson ran and at 50 meters he was coming first. He crossed the finish line well before all the other athletes. He also made a new world record.

He won the gold medal and was proud of himself until he got in trouble for taking drugs to run faster. All athletes have to take a test before they run just incase they took drugs to get faster than the other people. This is a race remembered for all the wrong reasons.

He wasn’t allowed to race again because he was caught taking drugs and never raced in any other Olympic games.


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