Wednesday, 15 June 2016


At night when there was no light people were in danger because they were afraid of the taniwha.  There was a strong young warrior named Tamarereti in Lake Taupo.  He had a rumbling stomach so he grabbed his kete and went off fishing.

Tamarereti rowed his way  to Lake Taupo to catch some fish.  He was so sleepy that he fell asleep on his waka.  As he was sleeping the wind blew him to the other side of Lake Taupo.

When he woke up he got out of his waka and cooked his 3 large fish that he caught.  As he was cooking his fish he saw some glistening pebbles in the sea. He picked them out of the sea and jumped in his waka.

Tamarereti was rowing his waka and threw the pebbles in the sky. He was scared that the taniwha would eat him but luckily the pebbles were in the sky so he could see where he was going. Finally he got home and ran to sleep in his bed.

The next day Tamarereti woke up in the afternoon and had a visitor waiting for him. It was Ranginui, the god of the sky.  Tamarereti was afraid of what he did to the sky as he realised that he took away the night sky and filled it with lights. Tamarereti was sure that he was going to get punished but instead Ranginui said “Tena ko, you have made the land safer and the sky more beautiful, I’d like to honor your change to the night sky and cast your waka into the heavens”.  Tamarereti was relieved.

Now you can see the waka parked in the night sky. Many others around the world call the waka of Tamarereti the Milky Way.

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