Thursday, 25 June 2015

Kiwi sport basketball

Every Tuesday after lunch room 13 goes to kiwi sport basketball with Coach Vinnie and Coach Shinice.

When our class arrives at basketball we sit on the cool hall ground. We warm up our muscles by playing these games, stuck in the mud, red light green light, octopus and line tiggy.

Coach Vinnie taught us some skills. They were v dribbles, bongo drums and shooting like a waiter. He said  "Never double dribble in basketball." These skills will help us when we play basketball.

At the end of our lesson we play a game where our whole class gets to play together. The idea is for the team to get the most goals up to five. The winning team gets to aeroplane around the hall.

My favourite thing about kiwi sport basketball was shooting and getting goals. What I learnt was v dribbling. It was fun for me v dribbling.

Thanks coach Vinnie and coach Shenice for teaching us new skills about basketball.

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