Thursday, 21 December 2017

SLJ Day 4( Hitting a High Note)

Day 4: Hitting a High Note

Activity 1: The Waiata - A Song in Your Heart

In the past, Māori would often use song as a way
of sharing information or communicating emotions.  
A waiata is the name given to a traditional Māori song.
One of Rachel’s all time favourite waiata is Kia Paimarie.
What about you?

Use Google to research traditional Māori Waiata.
Listen to a number of Waiata and read the lyrics.
On your blog tell us which one of the waiata you found
you like the most. Why do you like it?

My favourite waita was Whakaaria Mai.
It is a beautiful song and in english
It is called How Great Thou Art.
Whakaaria Mai is a hymn.

We always sing it in
school and everytime we
sing it the waiata makes
us very happy.
Activity 2: Playing Games:
Hundreds of years ago, young Māori children were
taught to play a number of games, including Poi Rakau,
Ki O Rahi, Koruru Taonga and Poi Toa. Read about each
of these four games on the Rangatahi tu Rangatira
website. Have you played any of them before?
Isn’t it cool how the games have been passed down
for generations?

Choose one game, and on your blog, tell us the (i) name
of the game, (ii) the goal or purpose of the game, and (iii)

two rules.

The game I have chosen is
Ki O Rahi. The purpose of this
Game is to out score the opposition team
by touching Poe with their
A ki is the ball that you’re
Playing with. Poe are
tall boxes that you have to touch
Before you get points.

Here are two rules of
Ki o rahi.
  1. If Kioma scores then the play restarts with a kick off
from Te Marama.
2. Players who have possession of the ball must be
moving or they have 3 to 5 seconds to pass or shot or
hand the ball over.

Bonus Activity:Musical Festivals – Matatini

In New Zealand, a huge festival is held every two years,
called Te Matatini. This performing arts festival celebrates
the tikanga (culture or customs) of Māori. Kapa Haka
groups from around New Zealand are invited to attend
the festival and each group gives a 25-minute
performance. The performances are judged and the
best teams win prizes.

The gold medal winning team from this year (2017) was
Te Kapa Haka o Whāngārā Mai Tawhiti
Watch these three clips from previous Te Matatini festivals.

Te Iti Kahurangi

Te Puku o Te Ika

On your blog, rank the performances from your favourite
(#1) to least favourite (#3) and tell us why you gave them
the ranking that you did.

This was my rankings.

Te Puku o Te Ika was my
favourite because it was calming
and they sang really nicely.

Te Iti Kahurangi was really great as
Well. I liked how they sang really

Tamatea Arikinui was great
They sang loud and proud.

Thanks for reading Day 4 of the Summer learning journey.


  1. Hey there Levonah, thanks for completing three more activities and doing such a great job. I can tell that you are Mitchell's sister in the quality of your posts!

    I really enjoyed reading about the game you have shared. Thank you for also providing a link that was really useful. I might have to try and play this with my class sometime.

    I also really like the way you have given reasons for the ordering of the three performances. I think that you have provided really valid points and I especially like how you chose the first one because it was 'calming'. That's a great reason and I agree, it is very relaxing and enjoyable to listen to.

    Have you ever been in a performance?
    Do you listen to other kinds of music?


  2. Hi Billy thanks for that quality blog post.Yes I am Mitchell's sister. If you are meaning have you been in a Kapa Haka performence yes I have. I also listen to other music like Pop, Rythm and blues and a bit of rap.


  3. Hey, thanks for the compliment!

    Kapa Haka is awesome!

    Who is your favourite singer?


  4. Hi billy thanks for the question. I actually don't have a favourite singer. I like all the singers the same.


  5. Oh right, do you like any New Zealand music? What do you think of Lorde?

    Thanks, Billy